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Secunet AG provides advanced border control solution for Zurich Airport


Secunet AG announced that the Zurich Airport has upgraded its border control technology including adding secunet biomiddle software, enabling authorities to securely and efficiently check travel documents with and without biometric features in a nearly automated process.

Secunet biomiddle software enables various biometric system-components and passport-readers to be used in a flexible manner, whether it is for the purpose of border control or the verification of electronic ID documents.

Zurich Airport has completely replaced its previous border control infrastructure, along supplementing it with a range of new components to meet the requirements of the VIS II Regulation for external Schengen borders, which imposes mandatory fingerprint verification for all travellers who require a visa.

The control stations at are now equipped with new fingerprint and electronic passport readers, enabling support control staff to perform comprehensive optical and electronic document checks, accurately identify forgeries and manipulations, and securely inspect the identity of travellers.

Border control officers also received a new border control application provided by secunet, which enables police officers to instantly access all critical data relating to document and identity checks at a glance.

“Travellers and border control staff now have access to the most state-of-the-art border control system in Europe,” said Dr. Rainer Baumgart, chairman of the board at secunet. “The highly modular secunet biomiddle solution and the new user interface, developed in partnership with the Zurich Cantonal Police, have set new standards in border control technology.”

For Zurich’s new border control infrastructure, Secunet biomiddle serves as a central interface between passport and fingerprint readers, the border control staff’s dedicated application and background systems.

During the infrastructure upgrading process, workstations were also connected to the Swiss police databases.

In addition to its biomiddle software, Secunet offers a range of other solutions for border control systems and electronic identity documents, including eGate solution secunet easygate for automated border crossings, PKI solutions for the creation, use and administration of certificates, and client solutions with applications for the inspection of electronic identity documents at border control.

Secunet solutions are currently being used in many countries, including Germany, Latvia, Norway, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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