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NIST to host conference focused on research datasets for biometric advancement

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National Institute of Standards and Technology announced it is hosting a conference entitled “Improving Biometric and Forensic Technology: The Future of Research Datasets”, which will discuss needs and adequacy of current public datasets in an effort to develop a multi-agency roadmap for collection and distribution of datasets in the future.

Held on January 26-27 at the NIST campus’ Administration Building (101) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the event will also address both biometric and forensic aspects of finger/palmprints, iris, face, person at a distance, voice, and handwriting.

Other key issues to be covered at the event include the role of research datasets in improving biometric and forensic technology; challenges in the collection and use of biometric and forensic datasets; privacy and legal issues in the collection, distribution and use of biometric and forensic datasets; NIST’s biometric and forensic research database catalog overview; and statistical significance in biometric and forensic datasets.

The NIST event has three main objectives in mind: identify the major issues facing the collection and dissemination of biometric and forensic datasets; discuss the adequacy of existing publicly-available datasets, and the future needs in these areas; and develop a roadmap for the development of publicly available biometric and forensic datasets Planning Team NIST Forensic Science Program & the Information Technology Laboratory.

The speaker lineup includes Mark Burge of Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, JoAnn Buscalgia of the FBI, Jeremy Dawson of West Virginia University, Austin Hicklin of Noblis, Anil Jain of Michigan State University, Karen Kafadar,of University of Virginia, Brendan Klare of Noblis and Rick Lazarick of Computer Sciences Corporation, among others.

In-person registration is now closed but the event will be webcasted live.

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