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Innefu Labs launches biometric authentication solution for financial transactions


Research and development security group Innefu Labs has launched AuthShield, a multifactor authentication solution that integrates facial and speech recognition capabilities, according to a report by the Business Standard.

Innefu’s AuthShield multifactor authentication security solution authenticates the user’s identity before processing mobile and online payments, retail and point of sale transactions, ATM transfers and public distribution systems.

The solution authenticates users based on devices registered to them, along with an image and speech based authentication mechanism.

Users can log in by taking a selfie from their device, which matches their facial image using a unique 3-D modeling pattern with their previously captured faceprint.

Additionally, users can log in by uttering a phrase, which matches the user’s speech pattern against the phrase.

The authentication is performed on the device itself to ensure that the entire process is executed offline.

Another advantage of AuthShield multifactor authentication solution is that the system uses a unique gesture recognition technology and text independent speaker recognition technology which cannot be spoofed.

“AuthShield facial and voice authentication combines with a unique risk transaction algorithm to match the degree of security to user’s location and movement patterns,” said Abhishek Sharma, co-founder of Innefu Labs. “Current authentication methods of entering user name, password and then waiting for a SMS OTP just end up hampering user’s functionality.

“With AuthShield’s Facial and Voice recognition, the authentication of the user takes place with a click of a button. More importantly, since we work at a protocol layer rather than application it ensures that no changes need to be made to the application.”

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