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Next Biometrics releases ultra-thin fingerprint sensors


Next Biometrics Group ASA announced it has introduced ultra-thin fingerprint sensor designs that eliminate the need for large bezels, or metallic frames, used in the first generation of its sensors, making them tailored for the design-focused smartphone, tablet and notebook markets.

The company expects the new ultra-thin fingerprint sensors to help significantly in expanding its share of the smartphone, tablet and notebook market for fingerprint sensors.

The new ultra-thin fingerprint sensor design has many advantages, namely the ability to easily embed the sensors into smartphones, tablets and notebooks using more aesthetically-pleasing industrial designs.

Since bezels no longer need to be accounted for, industrial designers at Next customer companies can now determine the size and shape of sensors by simply looking at the designs of the opening in the smartphone back covers or notebook palm rests.

Additionally, new sensor designs further improve the Next esd-robustness (electrostatic discharges) to levels compliant with the most rigorous esd-standards, meeting the requirements of all the mass markets related to fingerprint sensors.

The removal of the bezel from its fingerprint sensors also lowers the Next sensor cost of materials.

“Targeting significant market share in the attractive smartphone, tablet and notebook markets, NEXT has been aiming to better meet the requirements of industrial designers,” said Tore Etholm-Idsoe, CEO of NEXT Biometrics. “Our NEXT sensors will now be virtually flush with the surroundings, sunken in only by 0.4 to 0.6 mm. This combines great ID with the minimum depth needed for users to feel where to place the finger. Such minimum guidance for uniform finger placement is important for the user experience of any fingerprint system. This is especially true in the context of smartphones, which are used on-the-go.”

Previously reported, Next Biometrics Group ASA partnered with iWallet Corporation to incorporate Next Biometrics’ fingerprint imaging sensor modules into iWallet’s portfolio of products, which feature its patented BIO-BLU Biometric Bluetooth smart locking technology.

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