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TrulySecure biometric authentication solution now FIDO UAF Certified


Sensory, Inc. announced that the FIDO (Fast Identification Online) Alliance has found TrulySecure to be compliant with the FIDO UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) 1.0 specifications, which makes it the first multimodal face and voice biometric authentication software to be FIDO Certified.

TrulySecure was tested for compliance with the FIDO UAF 1.0 specifications, which determines that implementations of the FIDO specification are uniform across products and that those products are interoperable with other products and services that support the FIDO 1.0 specifications.

By working with the FIDO Alliance to certify compliance with FIDO standards and interoperability of TrulySecure, Sensory is demonstrating its commitment to advancing the current state of user authentication, by ensuring that its multimodal face and voice authentication software can be easily integrated within authentication solutions from FIDO Certified providers.

As a FIDO Alliance member since earlier this year, Sensory has also supported the group since its inception. Additionally, the company has worked with companies like Nok Nok Labs to ensure the biometric authenticator portion of their authentication solution, powered by TrulySecure from Sensory, was fully compliant with FIDO UAF 1.0 specifications.

TrulySecure is consistent with FIDO standards in that it is an on-device biometric that does not require a cloud connection.

Embedded authentication ensures that the user’s biometric information is not stored outside of their personal devices, providing greater security and reliability compared to cloud based systems.

Additionally, TrulySecure further protects devices and data by requiring two forms of biometrics — face recognition and speaker verification — making it at least twice as secure.

TrulySecure has several advantages over other biometric authentication methods including contactless authentication, an instantaneous response, works in real-world situations such as low light or high noise environments, anti-spoofing techniques make it nearly impenetrable by imposters, and no additional hardware needed.

“We at Sensory are huge supporters of the work the FIDO Alliance has done to create an exciting consortium focused on streamlining user transactions with on-device biometrics,” said Todd Mozer, chairman and CEO of Sensory. “Promoting biometrics for more than two decades, we are pleased that our TrulySecure technology has become the first multimodal face and vision biometrics technology to be awarded the status of FIDO Certified.

“By working with companies across the entire authentication ecosystem to certify the interoperability of their FIDO Certified technologies with TrulySecure, we have made it even easier for companies to integrate the industry’s easiest to use and most secure biometric authentication technology within their products.”

Previously reported, Sensory Inc. released TrulyHandsfree 4.0, the latest version of the company’s embedded small-footprint voice user interface platform.

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