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Entertech upgrades biometric identity platform with Suprema BioStation 2 support


Entertech has released BioConnect identity management system v3.5, which adds fingerprint reader Suprema BioStation 2 to the integration.

The newly upgraded system also expands the total number of supported access control systems from 16 to 19, as well as offers improved performance and reliability for a better overall user experience.

“The basic idea of BYOI is that with the influx in different types of biometric technologies flooding into the market, in the near future individual employees will decide the biometric type that they will bring into their workplace, whether that be biometric mobile devices, biometric wearable devices, or biometric fingerprint fixed devices,” said Rob Douglas, founder and CEO of Entertech.

“We created BioConnect 5 years ago because we fundamentally believe that the 7 billion of us on the planet no longer wish to use approximations of our identity to prove who we are. This platform is going to make things simple, scalable and secure for the enterprise.”

Entertech’s long standing partnership with Suprema has helped facilitate BYOI by integrating Suprema’s fixed biometric access readers into Entertech’s access control partners via BioConnect.

As the latest newest biometric access device to be integrated, the Suprema BioStation 2 offers a considerable upgrade from BioStation biometric fingerprint device with a new design and UI, as well as a larger display screen.

Able to read both wet or dry fingers, the fingerprint reader can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings with near real-time authentication and time and attendance capabilities.

The device uses TCP/IP protocols to make 1:3,000 matches in one second, and features a color LCD screen and proximity card reader option.

A full suite of Suprema devices are supported in the integration, including Suprema FaceStation, Suprema BioStation, Suprema BioStation 2, Suprema BioEntry W, Suprema BioEntry Plus, Suprema BioLite Net, and Suprema BioLite Solo.

The BioConnect identity management system integrates a range of access control systems with the Suprema product family, including ACT ACTManage, AMAG Symmetry, Avigilon Access Control Manager, Axis A1001, Brivo OnAir/OnSite, Gallagher Command Centre, Genetec Security Center, IMRON IS2000, Lenel OnGuard, Open Options dnaFusion, Paxton Net2, PCSC LiNC-PLUS, Honeywell ProWatch, Honeywell WINPAK, RS2 AccessIT!, S2 Netbox, Software House CCURE 9000, Stanley SecureNET, Vanderbilt Security Management System (SMS)

Previously reported, Digitus Biometrics integrated Entertech’s BioConnect identity management platform with the Digitus db Bus and db Cabinet Sentry for server cabinet access control to launch a fully-integrated solution called db BioConnect.

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