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Qatar bank deploys IrisGuard iris recognition technology


Qatar bank QNB is implementing an iris recognition solution by IrisGuard at its branches and ATMs, making it the first of its kind in the country, according to a report by Gulf Times.

Deploying the new iris recognition system is part of QNB Group’s commitment to adopting new advanced technology to deliver premium quality services to its clients in a secure, fast, and convenient manner.

Starting in October, QNB branches and ATMs at branches will be updated with Iris Guard-powered biometric authentication system.

As a result, customers will be able to securely access their banking facilities by looking into a built-in camera.

The system will automatically capture their unique iris patterns and compare it against a secured database of irises.

If a biometric match is found, the bank account will be unlocked and the customer will be able to perform a transaction.

The technology is nearly 10 times more accurate than fingerprints, while the captured iris image cannot be copied, cloned, or stolen.

“The iris recognition system technology solution reduces the risk of fraud, identity theft and unauthorised access by protecting confidentiality, integrity, and availability,” said QNB Group CEO Ali Ahmed al-Kuwari. “It also helps QNB retain its competitive advantage and customer loyalty in the rapidly changing business environment.

“One of the bank’s core values is constant improvement through innovation and refinement of its offerings and services. QNB’s customers will enjoy ease of using the iris recognition technology which will also give customers convenience and the highest financial security, protecting customers in every transaction they make.”

Previously reported, IrisGuard’s EyeBank iris recognition technology has successfully enrolled online over 1.6 million Syrian refugees displaced throughout the bordering countries.

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