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Identify Security Software CEO discusses iDentifyME authentication software

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Identify Security Software offers a new approach to the identity access management segment of the security market.

Since launching in 2013, ISS has spent the past couple of years enhancing its iDentifyME software to ensure that the software is fully secure, accurate and convenient.

iDentifyME initially acquires the full biometric description and then positively authenticates the user as long as he or she is within sensor detection range, which helps eliminates any chance of hackers or intruders gaining access to the system.

With a design that incorporates a range of biometric technologies and expertise from Identify’s vendors and collaborators, iDentifyME perpetually observes, records and updates the person’s appearance and unique biometric characteristics to verify their identity.

In an interview with BiometricUpdate.com, Ferenc Ledniczky, founder and CEO at Identify Security Software, discussed the iDentifyME identification and authentication software, its many applications, and the security industry’s expectations of a multifactored approach.

How has the identifyME solution evolved since launching in 2013?

Ferenc Ledniczky: For too long we were observing the struggle between the computer user who trusted more and more personal information to technology and the software application providers promising security and confidentiality. What we saw was a cultural mismatch between digital technology and the analogous human thinking and natural behavior.

Our mission became to bridge that gap by utilizing technology in a transparent manner to take advantage of available sophisticated technology without expecting the people to become a machine. Since early 2013, we conducted lots of research and formed alliances with leading biometric technology providers. We have listened to users’ likes and dislikes of many different identification methods and began to layout the scope of our plan and how to utilize available well-tried and tested technologies in a way to make it very human oriented, while making it technically feasible and compatible with prevailing legacy security systems.

Our idea evolved into sophisticated powerful software: iDentifyME. It is a dynamic living-person identification and authentication method, the embodiment of our effort to bridge that gap between the person and their machine.

Aside from personal security protections on computers in an office environment, what are some other examples of customer applications regarding iDentifyME?

Other applications include banking (at the bank teller window, at the ATM machine, mobile payment authorization), in government (passport control, TSA etc.), in healthcare (patient identification, medicine dispensing), and Incident Command System (ICS) (power stations, utilities, transportation). There are also many emerging opportunities to enroll people without formal ID documents, more inclusive census, voter registration, etc.

The promotional video for iDentifyME states, “We do not make products, we make other companies products work better.” Can you elaborate on what this approach entails?

The security industry already employs extensive security systems with databases cataloging millions and millions of people’s identifying information. Those files typically include textual information and static images. iDentifyME will augment those databases with live dynamic images and biometric characteristic to improve the quality of information that will be as compelling as molecular DNA.

How long do you think it will be before the industry-at-large fully adopts a multi-factored approach to authentication?

The multifactor method touted by the security industry represents an arrogant, blame-the-user attitude. If it was not hard enough and burdensome for the user to remember arcane passwords and instructions how to self identify themselves, now the user is required to remember and follow even more explicit steps. If they fail then it is the user’s problem. The security industry is happy to continue developing and selling the users another program to help them out.

iDentifyME is not a so called multifactor method, rather it scans for multiple biometric characteristics of the subject person rapidly, progressively and continuously while the person is in the range of the biometric image sensor and does all that autonomously without user interaction. With iDentifyME, the user just needs to show up in front of the imaging device. The users do not have to do anything to initiate the process nor carry any auxiliary ID tags, cards or devices to be positively identified or authenticated.

What does Identify Security Software have planned for 2016 in regards to new products and solutions?

By the end of 2015, we will have concluded the development of the “blueprint” of iDentifyME, and we will begin to solicit and assemble a syndicate of potential customers to participate in the development and fielding of iDentifyME to augment their current security systems and databases.

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