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UK school using biometric technology to verify students identity and register attendance


Three UK boarding schools have chosen Croma Security Solutions‘ Fastvein finger-vein biometric technology to provide access control to the schools, verify students’ identities and register their attendance, according to a report in The Sunday Times.

Chroma developed FastVein in partnership with Hitachi, which provides the finger vein authentication technology, to create a comprehensive identity recognition and access control software solution.

Fastvein works by passing infrared light over the surface of the finger and highlighting the network of veins below the surface of the skin, which is unique to each individual. The pattern is then matched against the pupil’s profile to verify their identity and register their attendance.

St Mary’s School Ascot has installed 15 scanners, which are smaller than a tennis ball, and pupils normally register in three times a day at meal times and when they leave the school grounds and on their return. Teachers can see which pupils registered throughout the day by checking iPads linked to the system. The system’s software highlights the names of any pupils who have not returned by their designated time and includes their mobile numbers so teachers can find out where they are.

West Hill Park is using the finger-vein scanners as a security measure to control access to the school, and a third school, Abbey College, is due to start using a vein-scanning system next week.

Roberto Fiorentino, Croma’s CEO, said the firm had also installed the Fastvein system for biometric access control and security at “two of the largest residences in the UK”. People using the scanners can designate one of their fingers as a “threat detection finger”. If they place this finger in the device, an alarm is triggered with security guards or police.

Previously reported, Croma helped develop the new Future Borders Experience, which provides insight into next generation border security, featured at the Transport Security Expo. The exhibit was designed to demonstrate the potential for ‘frictionless passage’ through a typical border by showing how border security can use finger-vein biometric identification.

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