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Biometrica updates SSIN solution, adds facial recognition to mobile app


Biometrica Systems have announced the release of an updated version of SSIN, their fully encrypted Security & Surveillance Information Network.

According to the company website, SSIN is a real-time alert system that enables the sharing of information between a broad network of more than 200 casinos and gaming agencies and law enforcement agencies. It is a fully encrypted, peer-to-peer private information system, incorporating both shared watch-lists from different groups and intra-organizational watch-lists, which allow for the notification of people, events, alerts or warnings.

The new functionalities include a secure, convenient mobile application, which will allow any subscriber with access to the mobile app the ability to run an immediate facial recognition scan on a suspicious known or unknown person, anywhere on their property, against a law enforcement-verified database of criminals and receive feedback on that person or persons in operational real time.

“The functionalities of the new SSIN, part of our overall VisualCasino 7 release, are pretty revolutionary by any standard, not just for the surveillance and security industry,” said Biometrica CEO Wyly Wade. “A mobile platform is critical to being able to track suspicious activity as it happens, instead of only doing forensic, post-facto analysis.”

“While the tracking criminals part of it is obviously more glamorous to most people, one of the areas where this will be very handy is to our non-bank financial institution (NBFI) customers,” said Biometrica CFO Nigel White. “They have an imperative to fulfill know your customer (KYC) requirements on an everyday basis. Helping them have access to faces and backgrounders of known white-collar felons in the system, will support their KYC and anti-money laundering obligations.”

According to the company’s Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Parker, the new SSIN release is the first of several updates and upgrades to be announced over the next three months, as part of the transition from VisualCasino 6 to VisualCasino7.

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