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eyeCam raises $1.5M for development of wearable platform


eyeCam, Inc. has received $1.5 million in reservations on equity crowdfunding site Crowdfunder to develop its wearable 3D interfacing, adaptive display, and biometric ID system.

The company‘s patented 3D interfacing and adaptive display system is designed to help change the way consumers use wearables to communicate, perform tasks, and interface with the world, all within a secure platform protected by a biometric identification system.

“eyeCam is an innovation company that designs and engineers products for other companies to manufacture and sell as their own,” said eyeCam CEO Bryan Davis. “Our unique approach of providing companies with emerging products and technologies means that they can quickly and affordably acquire the assets they need to succeed.”

“By leveraging Crowdfunder’s extensive network of vetted investors, we’re a major step ahead in funding the development of our platform.”

eyeCam is developing the prototype of eyeHand The Wearable Smartphone that turns the hand and fingers into a touchscreen display, 3D mouse and controller, leveraging biometrics to create a secure key, wallet and Internet of Things command center.

Currently, eyeCam has 12 granted patents, 15 pending, and over 50 projects in the works. The company is developing the intellectual property for a mobile ecosystem, including a wearable smartphone headset, watch and glasses to the eyeHand adaptive display, 3D interfacing and biometric ID systems.

eyeCam investors own a stake in a continuous flow of emerging products, including a combination of eyeCam, Inc. stock and a revenue interest in the sale of all eyeCam products and companies. The company previously raised $2.5 million from investors in August 2013.

“We’re thrilled that eyeCam has been able to tap into the Crowdfunder network to find funding partners that have a passion for this innovative platform,” said Chance Barnett, CEO of Crowdfunder. “At Crowdfunder, we’re focused on supporting the goals of innovative companies like eyeCam by connecting them with investors, customers and product enthusiasts who are looking for ways to fund those projects that they see as game-changers.”

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