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U.S. Defense Department testing behavioral biometrics


Plurilock Security Solutions, a developer of network security products and digital identification solutions, today announced that the U.S. Department of Defense will test BioTracker, the firm’s cybersecurity technology.

Under a cooperative agreement, Plurilock will work with the Defense Department’s innovation unit to evaluate the firm’s continuous authentication technology for use in combat support.

The company’s flagship product, BioTracker, continuously authenticates network users based on individual keystroke and mouse dynamics.

Plurilock’s patented behavioral biometrics software identifies people by the way they use their corporate computing devices, such as laptops, desktops and servers. After 20 minutes of tracking a user’s keystroke style and speed, mouse use and other behaviors, the software builds a unique biometric profile. The software’s algorithms enable the platform to determine who is on the corporate network. The software also gives companies complete control over their network security by providing real-time surveillance of all network activities.

The Defense Department plans to strengthen its data security by evaluating several multi-factor authentication technologies, including Pluriock’s BioTracker for its networks. The department intends to evaluate the software as part of an effort to augment or replace the use of access cards and password authentication.

Plurilock notes that the department is creating a new family of authenticators, which will be integrated and available based on time, risk and environment and designed to provide both flexibility and enhanced security beyond standard two-factor authentication that is regularly used today.

In an exclusive interview with BiometricUpdate.com, Plurilock CEO Ian Paterson stated: “What our product represents is a paradigm shift in authentication. In the past, authentication was a snapshot of time. In contrast, we have introduced authentication that provides a continuous proof-of-presence.”

The aim, according to Paterson, is to provide the Department of Defense with “frictionless authentication” that works “passively in the background with no interruption” and instantaneously recognizes network threats.

Paterson notes that 63 percent of data breaches begin with stolen credentials and that it typically takes organizations over 200 days to recognize network intrusions. Plurilock’s BioTracker however can recognize an intrusion in 30 seconds, and continuously monitors for unauthorized access to devices and network resources in real-time, using sophisticated artificial intelligence.

“Our system will provide military users with highly secure tools that will work to augment their security and protect their corporate assets,” said Paterson.

In a statement, retired Vice Admiral Mike McConnell, a former director at the National Security Agency (NSA) and of National Intelligence, who now sits as an independent board director at the firm, noted that the Plurilock solution enables users “to prevent, respond, analyze and report to internal security departments and external compliance agencies on the actions performed by each workplace individual.” The solution, according to McConnell, allows any organization to prove “to any compliance agency that [it has] full visibility and non-repudiation capabilities for the modern workplace.”

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