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How digital technology can be the difference in making cities safer


Today’s terror groups have changed by using digital technology, much like how companies and governments have embraced digital transformation. Besides physical targets, terrorists can turn on the increasingly digitized city services to wreak havoc. This calls for a rethinking of security solutions, from border control to city surveillance. The next generation has to better knit together a picture of a potential attack before it happens. The leads have to come from both cyber and physical. Intelligence should be gathered from both digital and human channels.

What this means is that the scope has drastically widened for counter-terrorism agencies. There are more individuals who may potentially threaten a city’s safety than the regular suspects who are likely to be under intense scrutiny.

Underpinning much of the evolution of modern counter-terrorism technology is AI. One important job it performs is to unify information collection, control and distribution, so that human operators will get to all the intelligence needed to make a decision or leap into action.

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