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Nymi pitches biometrics as answer to healthcare industry cybersecurity threats


A pair of studies suggest that the healthcare industry is in the process of embracing biometrics to combat cybersecurity threats.

Verizon’s “2019 Data Breach Investigations Report” shows 81 percent of hacking-related breaches involved stolen or weak passwords, and among healthcare incidents, 59 percent were caused by insider threats. Against this backdrop, Global Industry Analysts is forecasting the global market for healthcare biometrics is about to grow by $3.8 billion, or 19.7 percent compound annual growth rate.

Nymi is pitching its biometric and multi-factor wearable band as an improvement over past healthcare industry security mechanisms.

“You want those who work in labs, production, quality, maintenance, and other operational jobs to focus on the task at hand. Stopping to authorize actions via logins and passwords becomes cumbersome and represents an operational and compliance risk,” comments Nymi Chief Operating Officer Dave Rai.

“Using biometrics is the streamlined and secure way to comply with both user authentication and non-repudiation requirements. Many people now happily use biometrics to access their personal mobile devices. This widespread use in smartphones and tablets has helped to make this technology widely available, reliable and cost-effective.”

Nymi has announced a partnership with Systec & Solutions to develop a joint solution in which the Nymi Enterprise Edition authentication offerings, such as Nymi Band and Nymi software, work seamlessly with Systec & Solutions hardware for secure e-signature and login authentication. Systec & Solutions provides innovative solutions to ensure reader equipment is suitable for cleanrooms and is placed for maximum efficiency, while Nymi Enterprise Edition replaces legacy username and password entry systems with simple and secure authentication via NFC.

Nymi Enterprise Edition was launched just over a year ago to provide continuous authentication for FDA-regulated organizations.

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