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Zero Knowledge and biometric solutions launched by Journey and Acqueon to improve contact center trust

Zero Knowledge and biometric solutions launched by Journey and Acqueon to improve contact center trust

Journey has introduced a Trusted Identity platform based on its award-winning and patent-pending Zero Knowledge network-based approach, according to a company announcement. The platform addresses privacy, security and customer experience, Journey says, to deliver improvements in customer satisfaction and fraud prevention, as well as operational and cost efficiencies.

A new solution to enable brands and consumers to authenticate each other with native mobile device biometrics meanwhile has been launched by conversational engagement company Acqueon, according to a separate announcement.

Zero Knowledge is a cryptographic concept which reduces proofing transactions to a simple confirmation or denial, without sharing details or user data. Journey says its new platform enables businesses to apply the technique to agent-caller interactions through the customer’s smartphone and the businesses existing mobile app.

This approach not only avoids customer personal data on contact center infrastructure and agents’ screens, is also assists with fraud prevention and regulatory compliance, and cuts down time wasted on legacy identity verification methods.

“Verified identity is at the core of a Trusted Digital Relationship between a business and their customers, yet it has been, for the most part, a broken process. Companies waste a customer’s time with a lot of silly questions that provide little security, broadly expose their data to contact center agents, copy their data into databases that are honeypots for hackers, and spend millions of dollars on a patchwork quilt of technology and process Band-Aids,” says Journey CEO Brett Shockley. “We took a step back and fundamentally rethought the approach, inventing a Zero Knowledge network solution that cares for a customer’s information while making it simple to use it to deliver a highly personalized and streamlined customer experience throughout the customer journey lifecycle.”

Journey says its new platform can provide a 99.98 percent reduction in synthetic identity fraud, reduce call times by 30 to 120 seconds each, save $1 or more on every call, increase successful outbound connections by up to ten times, and enable secure work from anywhere. The platform integrates easily with existing tools, and altogether can result in annual savings of up to $25,000 per agent, the company claims.

The new Acqueon Identity integrates technology from Journey’s Trusted Identity platform to combine biometrics from devices with existing mobile apps and enterprise offboard biometrics to ensure trusted communications. Combined with Acqueon Engagement, the software can help improve Right Party Contact rates and outbound campaign performance.

“Customer outreach is a top priority for enterprises looking to re-engage their customers after weeks of distancing,” says Ashish Koul, Acqueon CEO. “Mutual verification is a powerful way to enable trusted communications and increase the performance of their outreach efforts.”

The solution enables businesses to notify customers of upcoming calls, and customers to confirm the authenticity of messages or requests, while integration with Acqueon Desktop enables enterprises to authenticate incoming calls, with support for multiple contact center platforms and CRM applications.

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