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Biometric cyber privacy tools released by SecureReview, Western Digital, AirCUVE

Keyless plans to eliminate passwords

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Amid widespread concern for cybersecurity and interest in replacing passwords with biometric authentication, new solutions providing or supporting biometrics have been launched by SecureReview, Western Digital, and AirCUVE, while a Keyless executive discussed the company’s plans to replace passwords with multimodal biometric authentication.

Virtual PC provider SecureReview has released its new SessionGuardian Enterprise, a biometric AI-powered cybersecurity solution aimed at small to medium enterprises.

SessionGuardian Enterprise integrates with AWS, Azure, Citrix, VMware, and other popular virtualization platforms to make sure only authorized users can view confidential documents.

Through the use of biometric facial verification technology, the software keeps the screen in focus only when it detects the face of an authorized user. Conversely, if the user looks away or if someone looks over the user’s shoulder, or tries to point a smartphone at the screen, the image blurs.

For maximum security, the platform also blocks and disables screenshots and screen shares.

Biometric Update recently spoke with Smart Eye Technology about a similar biometric solution.

Western Digital unveils ArmorLock Security Platform

Perhaps better known for its hard drives and other computer hardware, Western Digital has now announced a new biometric security platform.

The ArmorLock Security Platform is a data encryption tool created to help with the diverse security demands of data-centric and content-critical storage use cases

Designed for use in multiple industries, the new solution integrates G-Technology ArmorLock into an encrypted NVMe SSD.

Once encrypted, the hard drive can only be unlocked via the ArmorLock app, which is capable of using facial recognition and fingerprint-scanning on supported smartphones.

Each device is provided with a root of trust and a digital certificate of product authenticity and is updated via the companion app to ensure maximum standards of security.

The ArmorLock Security Platform also operates with zero-knowledge public key management to help protect privacy even if the ArmorLock device is lost or stolen.

AirCUVE announce two-factor authentication security tool

Security software development company, AirCUVE has announced a new, two-factor authentication solution with biometrics support.

The V-FRONT 7 utilizes the company’s traditional user interface menu while providing a variety of authentication options.

These include dynamic authentication tokens such as a fingerprint token, Yubikey, QR code, app-based PUSH token, OTP via SMS, email, and mobile app.

Together with the announcement of the new solution, AirCUVE also unveiled a series of seminars, running from September 15th to October 20th.

The talks will focus on introducing authentication as a cybersecurity solution that can help cybersecurity risks.

For more information about the seminars and V-FRONT 7, you can check the company’s site here.

Keyless looks at the “passwordless paradigm”

Speaking at London Tech Week’s digital conference earlier this month, Fabian Eberle, founder of cybersecurity firm Keyless, said the company is looking at eliminating passwords as a form of authentication.

According to the executive, this would be done through a combination of machine learning and multimodal biometric authentication.

Specifically, Eberle mentioned the use of two-factor authentication factors, for example, a one-time, generated pin code and a fingerprint scan.

The company is already deploying multi-factor authentication tools, calling them “multichannel biometric authentication” measures.

Keyless is thus trying to eliminate the use of passwords, believing them to be an obsolete and insecure form of authentication.

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