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iProov facility secures biometric assurance tech, manages threats from cyber-attacks

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iProov facility secures biometric assurance tech, manages threats from cyber-attacks

iProov has launched the iProov Security Operations Centre (iSOC), a pioneering global threat intelligence system for biometric assurance across all regions to address increasing biometric cyber-crime, the company announced.

Located in Singapore, the center secures iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance technology and prevents AI-driven cyber-attacks such as deepfakes.

“Providers of biometric assurance will be faced by extremely clever and well-resourced attackers,” Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO at iProov, said in a prepared statement. “An unmonitored cybersecurity solution is a dangerous thing. Without the means to detect and remedy exploits as they emerge, a system is highly vulnerable. That includes face verification solutions.”

“Our key advantage is the intelligence that we gather about attacks,” Bud added. “iSOC is the way we gather and process that information, so it’s fundamental to securing the resilience of our solutions. This is why forward-thinking organisations choose iProov to provide biometric authentication. We deliver verifiable confidence in the future to our enterprise customers and their end users.”

According to survey data, 88 percent of consumers worry the rate of online security threats is increasing, and 75 percent would choose an online service with deepfake protection. As many as 81 percent believe biometrics will be used more in the future to assure identity online.

iProov’s iSOC is the central feature of the cloud-based Genuine Presence Assurance solutions. It leverages advanced machine learning and responsive processes to prevent the emergence of advanced attacks. Genuine Presence Assurance technology delivers presentation attack detection (PAD), replay attack detection (RAD), and deepfake attack detection (DAD) for governments and enterprises in financial services, healthcare, and travel.

iSOC has helped iProov become eIDAS-certified, following an audit conducted by TÜV.

iProov facial biometrics and Genuine Presence Assurance were added by Evernym to its enterprise-grade self-sovereign identity (SSI) platform and consumer mobile app to simplify its onboarding and device binding for personal identity management.

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