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iProov Limited

iProov Limited

Website: iproov.com

iProov is the world leader in biometric face verification. We enable banks, government agencies and other organizations to verify that an online individual is who they claim to be. This helps prevent identity theft and other cybercrime, while also making online services easier to access.

Recognized on the 2022 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 list for the third year running, iProov works with organizations including the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, UBS, the NHS, Eurostar, the Australian government, the Singapore government, ING, and many more. Since 2011, iProov has been developing visionary technology that is years ahead of its time.

Our flagship Genuine Presence Assurance® technology is the only way to assure the genuine presence of an online user and ensure they are the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. Our Liveness Assurance technology delivers an effortless and passive user experience and assures the person is the right person and a real person.

iProov Limited Biometrics News


Banks deploying biometrics for ever-wider range of remote and in-branch interactions

Banking is being reshaped by several forces, including digitization and online service delivery, and biometrics are vying for a major…

Sep 21, 2023

iProov face biometrics and liveness added to Ping Identity enterprise platform

iProov, a global provider of face biometrics, has announced a partnership with Ping Identity, an enterprise digital security provider. Through…

Sep 13, 2023

iProov partners for cryptography to beef up biometric MFA in 3 regions

iProov has partnered with Estonia’s Cybernetica to provide face biometrics for frictionless, device-agnostic multi-factor authentication to financial organizations and governments…

Aug 21, 2023

California has a shiny new app for its mDL

California is expanding the availability of its mDL (mobile driver’s license) with a new app for mobile phones featuring face…

Aug 14, 2023

Align liveness detection with cybersecurity best practices to stop generative AI

Generative AI is being used to fuel a range of fraud attacks, from fake kidnappings to digital injection attacks against…

Aug 11, 2023

Accessible face biometrics can boost financial inclusion, iProov argues

Identity verification through video calls is susceptible to attacks, and like CAPTCHAs risks limiting accessibility for certain groups, according to…

Aug 2, 2023

California tests, Iowa launches digital IDs, while Michigan considers legislation

California, Michigan, and Iowa are all taking steps to implement digital IDs. California is testing, Iowa is launching, and Michigan…

Jul 31, 2023

4 in 10 businesses have already seen deepfakes, injection attacks

Deepfakes have suddenly become much easier to create with the launch of generative AI based on large-language models. Over 40…

Jul 24, 2023

‘One-time biometric’ needed to fight off injection attacks, iProov exec argues

The sophistication of injection attacks has made video ID verification less reliable, but the standard for assurance levels in digital…

Jul 20, 2023

Voice replication feature identified as potential threat to voice biometrics

With Apple’s iOS 17 upgrade, iPhone users can now sign up for the Personal Voice beta release, a voice generator…

Jul 18, 2023

Eurostar officially launches SmartCheck biometric gates

Effective July 18th, 2023, the Eurostar “SmartCheck” biometric gates utilizing iProov technology have officially launched for passengers traveling through at…

Jun 15, 2023

Another US state tentatively steps up to digital ID

In much the same way that generative AI has become a cultural phenomenon in the United States, it appears digital…

Jun 14, 2023

iProov face biometrics integrated by developer of software for government, financials

Selfie biometrics provider iProov has been selected by software developer Undercoverlab to add facial recognition for user authentication into the…

Jun 1, 2023

iProov, FacePhi certified under UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework

Two digital identity verification firms, iProov and FacePhi, have now been granted official recognition via the UK Digital Identity Certification…

May 17, 2023

ENISA workshop surveys remote identification security threats, possible fixes

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) held a virtual workshop last week laying out the security challenges and the…

May 11, 2023

Czech banks to offer online account reactivation with iProov biometrics

Selfie biometric authentication provider iProov‘s mobile facial verification tools will be resold by Czech fintech and banking security vendor Wultra…

Apr 26, 2023

iProov and Authsignal partner on fighting fraud

UK face biometrics authentication company iProov is partnering with Kiwi-founded startup Authsignal on fighting fraud for consumers and businesses across…

Apr 24, 2023

Public sector fraud is rising, biometrics could be the solution, says iProov

The COVID-19 pandemic kicked off a scramble to digitize the public sector including handing out financial aid to citizens. But…

Apr 13, 2023

Americas DMVs considering the future of the digital ID role thrust upon them

Mobile driver’s licenses are a necessary next step for America’s state motor vehicle departments in playing a role that has…

Mar 29, 2023

iProov awarded nearly $750K by DHS S&T in fifth phase funding

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP), part of the Department of Homeland Security, has committed nearly $750,000 in…

iProov Limited White Papers


How can financial institutions safeguard against deepfakes: The new frontier of online crime?

Biometric face verification has quickly become recognized as a secure and user-friendly method to verify identity at onboarding and re-authenticate…

May 20, 2023iProov Biometric Threat Intelligence Report 2023
Apr 19, 2023Using biometric technology to fight public sector benefit fraud

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