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On-demand webinar: Digital identity proofing for public good: The role of the state DMVs

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On-demand webinar: Digital identity proofing for public good: The role of the state DMVs

DMVs have long provided organizations and individuals alike with a key identity verification tool in the form of a physical driver’s license. Today, DMVs are facing pressure on how to modernize the role they play in identity verification to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world while at the same time ensuring individual safety, privacy, and convenience.

In this webinar, Eric Jorgensen, motor vehicle division director, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), joins iProov to share his thoughts on the evolving role of the DMV and the challenges of utilizing modern technologies to improve DMV processes and deliver better experiences for the public.

Watch this webinar to learn:

– What the future holds for digital identity proofing and how the DMVs will play an important role in enabling people to prove that they are who they say they are
– How face biometric verification technology enables the DMVs to provide the highest level of identity assurance during the identity proofing process that is still easy to use by all
– How to ensure inclusivity and accessibility when verifying identities online
– What new identity proofing standards and guidelines are coming

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