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IrisTime brings biometric accuracy of iris and face fusion to workforce management market

Iris ID solution provides flexibility, speed and convenience for developers
IrisTime brings biometric accuracy of iris and face fusion to workforce management market

Iris ID has launched a revolutionary time clock to deliver the safety, security and convenience of contactless iris recognition or a fusion of iris and face biometrics for the modern workforce. The new IrisTime biometric platform provides time and attendance capabilities to work with any business’ existing infrastructure and business processes.

The IrisTime iT100 features simultaneous biometric capture with a wide range, a 7-inch touch display, automatic tilt adjustment camera, and proven anti-spoofing measures on an open Android platform. It supports iris or face biometrics separately or in combination for non-contact authentication, with certified eye safety. The device also encrypts data for secure storage, and includes a secure boot platform and advanced network security.

Authentication takes less than a second, and the device’s tablet form factor makes use intuitive and installation flexible. The iTMS device management application runs on any Windows, macOS or Linux workstation to manage deployment of one or multiple iT100s.

Iris ID is working to build up an ecosystem to allow ISVs (independent software vendors) currently offering applications for workforce management. Developers can build IrisTime capabilities into their applications through REST API’s or build new Apps with the IrisTime Android SDK, and businesses can integrate them with the systems they already use, including cards and keypads.

By providing an open, tablet-based biometric capability with flexible connectivity, Iris ID gives security system vendors, ISVs and customer organizations an easy way to build robust biometric security into their infrastructure.

Iris ID has taken a different approach to providing workforce management technology with IrisTime. What is the difference, and why did Iris ID choose it?

The IrisTime brand is focusing on time and attendance applications. The product has all the functionality to connect with any access control solution, but our focus is Time and Attendance. IrisTime is developed on an open Android platform to build an eco-system of Apps providers and integrators to deliver world class applications.

We chose Android because it is widely available and millions of developers with great ideas are ready to adopt the technology into new Apps. We built IrisTime iT100 to provide connectivity, the most accurate non-contact biometrics and a tablet format to deliver world class Apps.

How flexible is it? Will it work with our existing infrastructure?

Our goal was to build a product that is flexible configurable and scalable. We have designed the IrisTime iT100 so it can support legacy solutions and allow the customer to think about future Apps. It can be considered as true end point device that can interface with the user and provide all the information each employee needs to manage their work life. Depending on the Apps and level of information integration, employees can recall the numbers of hours worked, how much vacation time left and even the status of their 401K.

How do we manage the devices?

Device management is an integral part of the platform. We include iTMS (IrisTime Management System) software with the product, which provides device management, user management, transactions management capabilities on any computing platform, from PC workstation to mobile phone or anything in between. These controls are also available for Apps developers through REST API’s.

What about apps? Our company wants to be able to build a customized workflow for use during COVID-19, and then change it when a vaccine becomes available or the crisis has passed. Can we do that?

Flexibility and configurability are the key components of our solution. We want to provide an identity authentication experience which is tailored to every individual and organization’s needs, not just “one size fits all.” Anyone can pick whatever modality they need: Iris only, iris or face, iris and face, face only and our new method of iris-face fusion. If the organization needs to change how they identify each individual during or following the crisis, the options are available just by a click of button or through an API call.

For independent software vendors (ISVs), how can IrisTime be integrated with employee management software?

IrisTime offers two methods of App development or integration. If the ISV wants to integrate the device into their existing infrastructure and use the App that is on the device provided by Iris ID, they can use the REST APIs. The REST APIs provide complete access to device management, user management and transactions. In most cases this is sufficient to deliver workforce management solutions. We also provide an Android SDK that allows ISV’s to develop Apps that can be installed on the IrisTime iT100. To ensure security all new Apps are required to be signed by Iris ID. This functionally is a paradigm shift in the time clock business and provides complete customization on the device level that no other time clock offers. Now customers can demand Apps that can fit their business not the other way around.

How do dual biometric capabilities improve time and attendance processes?

As you know iris is the most accurate modality of biometrics, however by combining face with iris we are delivering convenience with the highest accuracy. Just imagine you work in an environment where some percent of the workforce need to use mask or hardhat, face biometrics alone will be challenged to identify these individuals. However, by providing both iris and face biometrics, and flexibility to pick the modality for individual identification, Iris ID makes it possible to identify 100 percent of individuals 100 percent of the time in any condition.

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