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Biometric Update regularly releases posts about accuracy. The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news regarding accuracy. Additional tags may be explored by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Mistaken arrest in Georgia triggered by false facial recognition match in different state

Racial bias in facial recognition is getting a close-up, after police in Georgia used facial biometrics to arrest a man…


Rank One fingerprint biometric algorithm shines in NIST PFT test

Rank One Computing says the biometric performance and accuracy of its first fingerprint algorithm submitted to the National Institute of…


Claims about biometrics accuracy raise questions but get repeated

A LinkedIn post by a security awareness professional has raised eyebrows in biometrics circles, some of them indirectly, suggesting that…


Research indicates improved skin tone calibration can raise face biometrics accuracy

Skin tone is not just Black and white. It is also not quite what camera calibration systems represent it as,…


Bias and morphing remain challenges in face biometrics, but measures are improving

A pair of the most pressing risks to the effectiveness of face biometric systems were under the microscope during the…


Using biometrics to build digital trust

By Joe Micara, VP North America at Callsign Facial recognition has become nearly ubiquitous in the world today, from unlocking smartphones…


Facial recognition advances spurring new use cases, improvements in IFPC 2022 spotlight

Facial recognition is about to be able to accurately unmask deepfakes, match families walking through the airport all at once,…


Idemia, secunet, Tech5 achieve high scores in biometric benchmarks from NIST

Idemia has claimed it has achieved the most accurate matching algorithms for both fingerprint and palm-print datasets with accuracy 7…


Amazon claims to cut facial recognition bias with unlabeled data

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a method to evaluate bias in facial recognition algorithms without using annotated identity labels. A…


ROC improves liveness, tattoo recognition in facial recognition SDK update

Rank One Computing has enhanced the presentation attack detection and several other algorithms in its facial recognition software development kit….

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