Biometrics Institute Industry Survey reveals mix of market confidence and anxiety at pivotal moment

The novel coronavirus represents a pivotal moment for biometrics, six out of ten stakeholders and even more technology suppliers say…


Bias, blind spots and bad identity systems

This is a guest post by Emma Lindley, Co-Founder of Women in Identity and Chief Commercial Officer at Trust Stamp….


Chinese researchers take top honors in cartoon face recognition challenge

A Chinese entertainment company last week announced the winners of its challenge to write biometric algorithm models that can detect…


Metro facial biometrics, emotion, gender detection system legitimacy disputed in Brazil court

Digital rights advocate Access Now is calling for a ban on biometric data processing used for mass surveillance in public…


ACM’s U.S. Policy Committee pushes for facial recognition suspension, Boston Mayor signs ban

The Association for Computing Machinery’s U.S. Technology Policy Committee (USTPC) has requested all uses of facial recognition in the public…


Ambarella, Lumentum detail why 3D sensing is best for contactless biometric access control

Ambarella, Lumentum, and ON Semiconductor have offered up details about the 3D sensing technologies that will enable more accurate biometric identification….


Facial biometrics ban in Boston for local government use, flouted best practices cause concern

The dynamics of the biometric facial recognition market may be shifting, as failures by police to follow best practices for…


Face biometrics use in U.S. schools, policing, airports and public housing faces legal challenges and questions

A lawsuit over the use of biometric facial recognition in schools has been filed by the New York Civil Liberties…


Idemia scanner tops contactless fingerprint biometrics in NIST accuracy, interoperability test

Idemia’s MorphoWave contactless fingerprint technology topped the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s latest accuracy and interoperability test on all…


Face biometrics force a deeper recognition Down Under

A white paper from Australia’s Monash University about the increasing use of biometric facial recognition cuts directly to an anti-privacy…

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