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An introduction to presentation attack detection

An introduction to presentation attack detection

Biometrics can deliver a unique combination of high security and ease of use in applications that require identity authentication, such as access control, payments, or travel. With recent advances in AI and computer vision, biometric systems have become dramatically more accurate, faster, and more resilient to environmental and user variables. However, even biometric systems can be attacked and bypassed without the right technology in place.

These direct attacks—commonly referred to as “spoofs” or presentation attacks (PAs)—can subvert a biometric system by using tools called presentation attack instruments (PAIs). Examples of such instruments include photographs, masks, fake silicone fingerprints, or even video replays. Presentation attacks pose serious challenges across all major real-time biometric modalities (such as face, fingerprint, hand vein, and iris).

Download this paper and learn about face recognition-based presentation attacks, as face recognition has emerged as the dominant biometric in many applications due to its combination of low cost, accuracy, and usability.

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