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Biometric wearables, health passes implemented to prevent COVID-19 spread


mask detection

Biometric technologies for COVID-19 spread prevention have been introduced by CyberLink with a FaceMe update, a Canadian startup, and Tiger Tech, with the latter receiving emergency FDA approval. Conferences are resuming as well, with Clear selected by a Las Vegas conference center operator, and a dongle offered to attendees of an event in Singapore.

Face biometrics for pandemic control in CyberLink update and startup solution

CyberLink has integrated its face biometrics, mask detection and temperature measurement capabilities to enhance its FaceMe Security solution for user identification and contactless access control.

In addition to its new features, FaceMe Security’s compatibility with a number of popular video management systems (VMSs) has been enhanced, and support for the cost-effective Nvidia Jetson platform and other chipsets optimized. The newest addition of FaceMe Security Workstation is also optimized to run on edge hardware for real-time biometrics.

The system is designed to be simple for businesses, allowing a small business owner to set up a single computer, single camera system on their own. FaceMe Security also features a robust and scalable architecture to allow easy and rapid implementation by system integrators, according to the announcement.

“Biometric and vision technologies are setting new standards for IP surveillance deployments. Not only can solutions using top-tier facial recognition accurately verify identity, even for faces partially covered by a mask, but they can also detect if the mask is worn properly,” states Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Powered by the world’s leading facial recognition technology, FaceMe Security is an all-inclusive solution that can completely overhaul existing IP surveillance infrastructures to deliver the latest security, access control and health screening capabilities, for organizations of all sizes, across all industries.”

A temperature screening device from Tevano Systems with face biometrics for contactless access control, mask detection and health checks, BCBusiness reports.

The stand-mounted tablet scans for body temperature in less than a second, and has been deployed to care homes and other businesses in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The company has also supplied it to a transportation company and clients in light industry.

The Tevano Health Shield uses a cloud-based back end for centralized monitoring, and can issue alerts view email or text message.

FDA grants emergency approval to Tiger Tech biometric wearable

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted emergency use authorization to a COVID screening device from Tiger Tech, an armband that collects biometric data to check for abnormalities. The approval is the first of its kind, according to the company.

The wearable Tiger Tech COVID Plus Monitor assess hundreds of biomarkers to find patterns associated with COVID-19, even in asymptomatic people.

The company credits Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami, Florida, the Miami Rescue Mission Homeless Clinic and the Meadows K-12 School (Las Vegas, Nevada) with helping to establish the biometric device’s effectiveness.

“We see this as a game-changer. Right now, the goal is to get everyone back to their daily routines,” says Tiger Tech CEO Harrison Wittels. “This means more people back at work, more students safely back in schools, and more opportunities to travel. We believe our device can play a major role in allowing this transition to happen quicker, and most importantly, safer.”

Clear adopted in Vegas as conferences take steps to resume

Las Vegas’ Venetian resort has adopted Clear’s biometric Health Pass in an attempt to resume conventions at the Sands Expo and Convention Center and the Venetian Congress Center, the Las Vegas Review-Journal writes.

The Health Pass can be layered with temperature checks and other mechanisms to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the article says, and the resort has picked up a pair of accreditations from health-care organizations for its spread-prevention plan.

At the ‘GEO Connect Asia 2021’ event in Singapore, attendees will have the option of carrying a dongle known as ‘Safelet’ to track social distancing, Reuters reports.

The device is different from Singapore’s TraceTogether device, which transmits data only for confirmed infections, but tracks user location, distance, and interaction time through Bluetooth connections.

The device-maker also provides a contactless check-in system with face biometrics, according to the report, though the manufacturer is not identified.

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