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Corsight update promises ‘high-speed, real-time’ facial recognition, multi-channel processing

Rapid matching at scale and lower hardware costs expected


Corsight AI has upgraded its flagship biometric software for faster facial recognition processing in real-time implementations, enabling searches of databases with more than a million records in less than ten milliseconds, according to a company announcement.

Fortify’s accelerated matching capabilities also include concurrent matching on multiple channels with extensive watchlists for more efficient hardware use and a lower total cost of ownership. Corsight says its facial recognition technology now operates at scale faster than any competitor, optimising utilization and processing for significantly reduced hardware costs.

“The new updates to Fortify allow us to run high-speed, real-time video facial recognition across more extensive watchlists than ever before,” comments Ran Vardimon, Ph.D., VP of Research at Corsight. “Previously, this type of system would have required expensive hardware and multiple machines. We’re proud to say that Corsight can now facilitate the process on a single, economical server and offer our customers and partners top of the line performance and cost-efficiency.”

The company says its technology is able to identify individuals on watchlists in even the most challenging conditions for biometric matching, including precise accuracy with occlusions like face masks, while preventing false positives.

“Corsight’s core provision is speed and accuracy,” states Corsight Chief Privacy Officer Tony Porter. “This development directly enables our clients to deliver on their main data processing obligations: confidentiality, integrity and accountability. The Corsight team is thrilled to be able to provide a truly exceptional product that keeps morality at the forefront of all innovations.”

Porter spoke to Biometric Update about how to ensure facial recognition is deployed only in ways that benefit society shortly after he joined the company.

The company also launched a partner program earlier this year.

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