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real-time biometrics

Biometric Update regularly writes news about the topic "real-time biometrics." The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning "real-time biometrics" and other relevant terms. More topics may be perused by reviewing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


BrainChip showcases AI-enabled human behavioral analysis with Akida neuromorphic computing

BrainChip, a company known for its neuromorphic computing, has joined forces with NVISO Group Ltd., experts in AI software for…


Biometric feedback used to prevent motion sickness in Korean military vehicle

A release says Hyundai Mobis has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps to…


Herta launches facial recognition public safety project, awarded EU Seal of Excellence

Herta Security has launched a new video surveillance and security project that includes real-time threat detection and facial recognition, which…


UK police use of facial recognition probed by lawmakers

Police in the UK have been ramping up the use of facial recognition technology with plans for further rollouts in…


Live facial recognition CCTV systems coming for Indian tech hub, Thai border

Cities in India and Thailand are beefing up their biometric surveillance capabilities with new real-time facial recognition systems, continuing global…


Experiments show promise for real-time fingerprint liveness detection

Researchers say they have devised lightweight software that can perform real-time fingerprint biometric liveness detection. A team of scientists working…


EU considers some remote biometric identification in a trade-off for prohibitions

There is give and take in any biometric transaction, and the passing of the EU’s AI Act is no exception….


British lawmakers call for pause on use of live facial recognition

A coalition of 65 British lawmakers across all parties has called for a suspension of the use of live or…


Problems in Argentina’s justice system exacerbated by public facial recognition: report

A data entry error in a database used for facial recognition in Argentina has highlighted problems with the country’s justice…


Police Scotland digital strategy seeks real-time biometrics within 5 years

The five year plan for digitization by Police Scotland features real-time biometrics analytics, body-worn video cameras and other advanced technologies….

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