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Persona launches Workflows to ease digital identity automation, customization

Persona launches Workflows to ease digital identity automation, customization

Persona has introduced an orchestration tool to help businesses architect effective automated digital identity processes, which CEO Rick Song tells Biometric Update in an email interview extend beyond transactions to account recovery, onboarding, and access to confidential information.

The new Workflows solution provides a flexible and intuitive way to set custom rules, conditions for triggering actions, and organize identity intelligence signals to meet compliance and privacy challenges throughout the customer lifecycle, according to the company announcement. Persona notes that most companies use a combination of digital identity technologies from software vendors, operational teams and manual reviews to meet these challenges.

“Most businesses face critical trade-offs such as whether to optimize for user conversion and engagement, or for fraud mitigation,” Song explains. “Finding the ideal balance can be a real challenge, and it often shifts over time. The optimal balance often varies depending on industry vertical, risk appetite, customer base, customer experience/use case, business stage, even the day or time of day, transaction amount, or amount of inventory, amongst many other factors.”

Persona is the only solution, he says, “that makes it simple to fully customize and iterate on the threshold between automated versus manual.” The company works with customers to craft solutions that satisfy both their risk appetite and market demands.

Automated digital ID workflows can be initiated through a Persona event or an API, with verification data collected from various sources to improve risk assessments and dynamic decision-making with if/then/else paths and complex branching logic. Follow-up actions both within Persona and outside of it can be quickly triggered, and the tool also includes audit and visualization functions to support continual improvement of identity verification processes.

Automated identity tools typically provide rigid, preconfigured sets of rules and fixed points for customization set by the vendor, according to Song.

“Many customers tell us that previously, they had to build their internal processes around an ID verification system they purchased,” he says. “Persona Workflows fits our customers’ processes rather than the other way around.”

“Fundamentally, your other options are binary,” Song adds. “They output just two decisions: approve or decline. In addition to decisioning, we allow you to kick off actions within the Persona case management hub OR outside of Persona.”

Amanda Hodgetts-Martin, director of Risk Management at Persona client Branch says that the customizable workflows provided by Persona allow the company to avoid falling back on legacy technologies or rely heavily on manual reviews.

Persona raised $50 million in a Series B funding round to support its ambition of becoming the internet’s digital identity layer.

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