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Remark, CyberLink report strong biometric test grades, Innovatrics touts FRVT value

Remark, CyberLink report strong biometric test grades, Innovatrics touts FRVT value

Remark Holdings says its latest biometric algorithm was among the top five ranked for accuracy with masked faces during a recent Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) organized by the United States National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST).

CyberLink for its part said its FaceMe facial recognition solution emerged among the top three in a face biometrics anti-spoofing challenge during the 2021 International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV).

Independent testing like the FRVT evaluation and ICCV challenge is changing the biometrics industry, Innovatrics writes in its latest Trust Report meanwhile, and shifting how companies market themselves for the better.

Top 5 finish for Remark AI in NIST evaluation

Remark AI’s algorithm was among 198 submissions tested by NIST to ascertain their accuracy recognizing a face from the ‘visaborder’ dataset wearing a mask.

The evaluation also tested facial recognition algorithms’ speed, storage and memory, and Remark AI says the results show its strong performance on all of the aspects tested, for masked and unmasked faces.

The algorithm was developed to also identity faces in video footage, and ranked in the top 15 for biometric accuracy in the wild faces in unconstrained scenarios category in the FRVT, performing strongly at extreme views and extreme angles in complex surveillance scenarios that included various lighting conditions, amounts of distortion, and blurred images.

According to Shing Tao, chairman and chief executive officer of Remark Holdings, the company’s finish in the NIST test as well as in many other tests and evaluations in the past years underscores the effectiveness and reliability of Remark AI’s biometric technology.

“Remark AI’s solutions are designed to ensure that the algorithms powering its AI system are superior in the market. Besides state-of-the-art facial-recognition algorithms, Remark AI provides a one-stop solution, the Safety Space Platform (SSP), for use in various industries including the office, hospitality, education, retail, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and smart-city spaces. Remark AI not only provides the highest level of accuracy, but also maintains the highest level of data privacy and protection on the market,” said Tao.

Remark AI’s solution is designed to carry out other tasks such as pedestrian monitoring, action recognition, detection of abnormal events, 3D positioning, and temperature measurement, among others.

FaceMe in top-three face anti-spoofing challenge finish

The CyberLink AI-based facial recognition solution, during the challenge, stood out as a suitable solution for highly-secured facial recognition and digital Know Your Customer (e-KYC) procedures, according to a company announcement.

Unlike in the past where the challenge focused on 2D face prints and video-replay attacks, focus this year was on 3D high-fidelity mask attacks and involved a diverse set of participants including commercial biometrics vendors, research teams, and academic institutes.

Of the 56 entries that made it to the final stage, FaceMe took the third position with a 96.8 percent biometric anti-spoofing accuracy rate, with an average error rate of 3.215.

“With the increasing use of facial recognition, the risk for spoofing-attacks rises. Making facial recognition more reliable and secure is one of the top priorities for the providers of this technology. CyberLink is honored that FaceMe has performed well enough to finish on the podium in the ICCV 2021 anti-spoofing challenge,” said CyberLink CEO Dr. Jau Huang.

FaceMe, the statement explains, is a flexible solution which enable facial recognition across many devices and is supported on operating systems such as Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS), JetPack (Jetson), iOS and Android, and the optimization for CPU, GPU, SoC, APU, and VPUs.

Innovatrics lauds NIST and independent biometrics testing

Innovatrics discusses the impact of independent testing on the industry, and how biometrics providers can communicate with prospective customers about the insights they yield in a Trust Report article.

Company CEO Ján Lunter and Head of Government Solutions Matúš Kapusta comment on how independent testing has influenced Innovatrics, how it uses FRVT results to inform its marketing efforts, and how the industry has matured beyond claims of “99.99 percent accuracy.”

Daltrey Co-founder and Managing Director Blair Crawford lends his perspective to the piece, agreeing that “you should never mark your own homework.”

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