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Selfie biometrics deployments from public agency to popular video game

Selfie biometrics deployments from public agency to popular video game

Selfie biometrics have been adopted by public and private organizations in several sectors, while authentication technology providers continue to expand their offerings. Biocube has provided the Ministry Of Social Justice & Empowerment (MOSJE) in India with the biometric technology for its ‘PM-DAKSH’ Portal and ‘PM-DAKSH’ Mobile App tools and OneSpan has been chosen by BankID to help secure Norwegian digital identity. Also, Roblox is introducing an optional age verification for its users, Au10tix has partnered with PayU to streamline onboarding, fidentity has announced new funding, and Cognito has started a new collaboration with streaming platform Audius. Thirdfort, meanwhile, is bringing its compliance tools to a new area within the real estate sector.

MOSJE launches face biometrics-powered tools

The announcement was made by MOSJE’s Virendra Kumar earlier this month, who confirmed the ‘PM-DAKSH’ Portal and ‘PM-DAKSH’ Mobile App were developed in collaboration with the National eGovernance Division (NeGD).

Staff and trainee onboarding is performed with a multi-modal biometric authentication platform provided by Biocube. Face biometrics are enrolled on the user’s mobile device or at a Training Center, and the registration linked with Aadhaar.

Subsequently, to utilize the ‘PM-DAKSH’ App and Portal users will have to undergo a biometric check featuring face or iris scanning.

Biocube developed a mobile application for complete trainee lifecycle management based on biometric signatures, including daily attendance checks with face biometrics, which the company notes works with webcams and mobile devices available at the training centers, and does not require any specialized hardware.

The solutions were created to make the skill development schemes more accessible to the target groups via various partnerships with Government Training Institutes, Sector Skill Councils, and other institutions. The introduction of biometric authentication is also expected to reduce the volume of benefit payments to people who have registered for training but not followed through, according to Biocube’s announcement.

According to Tatsatchronicle, skill development training has been imparted to 273,152 persons of target groups in the last five years, with 50,000 more individuals to be reached by the end of 2022.

BankID picks OneSpan as strategic partner

The new collaboration will see the implementation of OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite, Application Shielding, and Cloud Authentication solutions within BankID’s infrastructure and ecosystem.

The move will help make the Norwegian personal electronic ID app more secure for users, as well as more user-friendly, according to the announcement.

“We have had a strong partnership with BankID in Norway and now more than ever support their vision and execution of a secure digital identity,” commented OneSpan Interim President and CEO Steven Worth.

“OneSpan’s digital identity and anti-fraud solutions enable financial services providers to deliver secure and trusted experiences while minimizing friction, mitigating fraud, and reducing operational costs,” he concluded.

Roblox to introduce selfie biometrics for user age verification

Roblox’ planned selfie biometrics check for user age verification will not be mandatory, but offered on an opt-in basis, reports TechCrunch.

Specifically, the upcoming age verification system will be only required to play early access games featuring Roblox’s upcoming voice chat feature Spatial Voice.

As explained by TechCrunch, the biometric system will work by scanning users’ ID cards via a smartphone camera, then a selfie with a liveness check to prevent spoofing attacks and match the user’s face to their ID.

Roblox reportedly clarified raw ID document data will not be stored on the platform, with the system generating anonymized value to identify the document instead.

PayU and AU10TIX partner on digital ID management

The partnership will see PayU utilize AU10TIX identity verification with selfie biometrics to screen customers and deliver a frictionless onboarding process.

In particular, the new service will be used to verify the identities of individuals or businesses connecting to PayU directly or through marketplaces utilizing PayU’s payments solution.

“Preventing identity fraud is at the core of what we do at Au10tix, and we are delighted to support PayU in their efforts to automate the merchant onboarding process,” commented the company’s CEO Carey O’Connor Kolaja.

“Our collaboration will ensure that PayU can continuously offer their users a safe and secure experience while increasing the efficiency and pace of the processes to confidently verify identities,” she concluded.

Fidentity announces new funding

Digital ID firm fidentity has announced a new round of funding, Fintechnews reports.

The value of the transaction was not disclosed, but the round was reportedly led by Spicehaus Swiss Venture Fund with the participation of various angel investors.

According to Fintechnews, fidentity will utilize the funds to expand its digital ID product offering and invest in further growth in both Switzerland and Europe in 2022.

Audius to deploy Cognito Flow for online verification

The music streaming platform has recently implemented Cognito Flow, a tool for online identity verification of customers receiving rewards as part of the Audius’ Trust & Safety program.

Technically speaking, Cognito Flow is a drop-in, no-code solution designed to be deployed quickly and easily.

The tool offers data-backed instant lightning verification, as well as document verification and selfie biometric checks with liveness detection.

“Cognito Flow also takes the pain out of localizing identification forms accurately, following local standards like date of birth, address, and name formats, and sourcing high-quality ID verification data,” explained Cognito CEO Alain Meier.

“For businesses like Audius with an international customer base, this means not having to work with multiple different systems to account for all types of global online identity verifications.”

Thirdfort launches extends biometrics to estate agents

A compliance platform for estate agents billed as “ultra-secure” has been developed by Thirdfort, automating anti money-laundering (AML) checks with a combination of selfie biometrics, Open Banking, and data analytics and cryptographic technologies, according to a company announcement.

Thirdfort says it developed the specialist platform in response to the tightening of due diligence requirements in the sector.

The platform also includes real-time checks of major know your customer (KYC) and sanctions databases, along with biometric liveness detection.

“Money laundering is a growing risk within the property sector and HMRC are hot on the heels of those who fall foul of their regulatory obligations,” said Thirdfort Co-founder and Managing Director Olly Thornton-Berry. “This is no longer simply a box ticking exercise and we’ve all seen what happens when corners are cut. Identity fraud not only wastes time, but leaves agents and firms open to reputational damage, fines, and even outright bans.

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