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GBT moves to patent real-time radio-based object detection with biometrics potential

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GBT moves to patent real-time radio-based object detection with biometrics potential

GBT Technologies has filed a continuation application (and received a notice of allowance) for its wireless motion detection and imaging patent.

Dubbed “Apollo,” the new non-provisional patent application describes radio-based, real-time motion detection methods and systems.

The filing includes details regarding GBT’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology that controls radio wave transmissions and reflections, analyzing the data to construct 2D/3D images of stationary and in-motion objects, according to the announcement.

Possible applications include health monitoring, security and smart vehicles computer vision.

“We believe our Apollo concept may have applications in several domains,” says GBT’s CTO Danny Rittman. “With this in mind, we filed a continuation application with the goal of further broadening and expanding the protection of the technology. ”

According to the executive, the technology is designed to enable rapid analysis of radiofrequency data using neural networks, identifying living and stationary entities and constructing their computerized imaging.

“We intend to also explore more efficient implementations of this technology including observing alertness of a driver, intruder detection and facial recognition. We plan to further research into the development of intelligent systems based on these concepts,” Rittman adds.

However, the CTO also clarified that there’s no guarantee that the GBT will be successful in researching, developing or implementing this system.

In order to do so, the company will have to “raise adequate capital” to support its research and enter into a strategic relationship with a third party that has experience in manufacturing, selling and distributing this type of product.

GBT also announced it was developing a long-range image analysis system using radio waves in 2021.

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