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In Groupe border biometrics pass FIDO PAD test

rf IDEAS supports FIDO2 protocol, Vault Vision joins Fido Alliance
In Groupe border biometrics pass FIDO PAD test

Biometrics product certification for IN Groupe and FIDO2 support for rf IDEAS access control devices are expanding the reach of the FIDO authentication protocols. Vault Vision also partners with the FIDO Alliance and the OpenID Foundation to fortify security capabilities via authentication for startups.

In Groupe border biometrics meet FIDO2 standards

France’s IN Groupe announces that its biometric border crossing solution DeTechID met FIDO2 standards as well, alongside FIDO recognition for its facial recognition technology.

DeTechID is detailed as an AI-powered biometric fraud detection service to improve passenger flow at border crossings. IN Groupe says its Biometrics Competence Centre earned the FIDO2 certification for the solution, and reports a 0 percent false acceptance rate as evaluated by an independent FIDO-accredited lab. The FIDO certification is based on the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard for biometric presentation attack detection.

The test was carried out by an unnamed, but FIDO-certified, independent laboratory.

Because it met the FIDO requirements, DeTechID can be integrated into all IN Groupe solutions that require secure identity verification and passage flows for border control or identity enrollment systems, the company says.

IN Groupe notes the importance of the FIDO certification with new regulations on access control and border crossing methods, particularly within the Europe’s Schengen area, that demands upgrades along the ONE ID concept that includes biometric recognition. It also points to opportunities for temporary digital ID that makes use of biometric and biographic data collection proposed by the IATA with its One ID concept and ICAO/IATA with their Digital Travel Credential (DTC) for safe and fluid border crossings.

rf IDEAS adds FIDO2 NFC functionality to WAVE ID readers

rf IDEAS says a number of its authentication products now support the FIDO2 protocol for digital and passwordless authentication standards, including biometrics. Select models of its WAVE ID Plus, WAVE ID Nano, and WAVE ID Nano OEM card reader families now support the FIDO2 NFC protocol. rf IDEAS says its Wave ID readers are compatible with nearly every proximity and contactless smart card around the world due to its Universal SDK.

The Schaumburg, Illinois-based company says that any logical access supporting WAVE ID readers can add FIDO2 security keys and cards with no disruption while holding full backward-compatibility. It can eliminate passwords to strengthen security and support smooth access to enterprise devices and data, rf IDEAS concludes.

“rf IDEAS has been a passwordless champion since its inception, providing convenient tap-and-go authentication without compromising security,” remarks Gourgen Oganessyan, product marketing manager at rf IDEAS and the company’s representative at the FIDO Alliance.

“With the addition of FIDO2 NFC functionality to our WAVE ID readers, users of rf IDEAS technology can benefit from the industry’s strongest, most secure passwordless authentication standard.”

Vault Vision partnerships announced

Colorado-based Vault Vision, a passwordless authentication technology provider is joining the FIDO Alliance as an associate level member, as well as the OpenID Foundation, to promote security standards for startups.

Vault Vision says it will work alongside the two groups to develop “different pieces of the user authentication puzzle”, greater interoperability, and compatibility for the security ecosystem. Vault Vision adds that the shift to open standards will increase the range of compatible devices and services for improved authentication, security, and user experience.

Vault Vision makes particular reference to startups. The company says its passwordless “login as a service” enables technology startups to develop and manage their security and login infrastructure, which is backed by open standard security standards issued by FIDO and the OpenID Foundation.

“Vault Vision’s platform is built for an easy integration and a great example of how technology startups can build authentication and identity management into their software in minutes,” says Neil Proctor, CEO and co-founder of Vault Vision.

“Our partnership with OpenID Foundation and FIDO’s strong authentication will give confidence to any customer of Vault Vision that they are utilizing the highest standard for strong authentication.”

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