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Dual biometric handgun reaches consumer launch

Dual biometric handgun reaches consumer launch

Biometrics has officially entered the world of commercial weaponry, with the release of the Biofire Smart Gun, a 9mm handgun that uses biometric fingerprint and facial biometrics to validate user identity.

The smart gun uses capacitive fingerprint identification and 3D infrared facial recognition sensors that work independently; the first to be triggered will unlock the weapon. The tech also factors in face or hand coverings, designed to work even if users are wearing gloves or a face covering.

Promising a “seamless” shooting experience for authorized users an announcement from Biofire Technologies also claims safety benefits to the system, particularly in the case of accidental shootings by kids.

“Biofire’s approach is totally novel: we’ve applied high-precision engineering principles to make a meaningful impact on preventable firearm deaths among children,” states Kai Kloepfer, the CEO and founder of Biofire. “No one had tried that before. As a result, Biofire is now offering the most technologically advanced consumer firearm the industry has ever seen.”

Solid state, encrypted fire control technology makes it practically impossible to modify or turn off the gun’s biometrics, which are stored locally and do not leave the firearm, Biofire says. The gun locks when not in the authorized user’s hand, care of infrared sensors in the grip.

While tech-charged weaponry designed to look like a Blade Runner prop might sound like a dystopian nightmare to some, the Biofire team based their designs on what they heard in interviews with thousands of gun owners. The data showed clear demand for a home defense firearm that presented less risk of accidental shooting, particularly by kids — but was also easy-to-use, effective, and cool.

“The Biofire Smart Gun shoots like any high-quality firearm, but it also feels like you’re holding the future in your hand,” said Kloepfer. Added Lt. General Guy C. Swan III (ret.), a member of the Biofire board: “After firing the Smart Gun with my own hands, I am convinced this is going to satisfy a significant unmet need from the consumer market at this critical time. This product will save lives while safeguarding the rights of all Americans.”

Biofire intends to begin fulfilling customer orders for the gun in early 2024, with customers able to customize their piece from an array of 64 colour combinations between polymer, trigger and magazine release.

The company announced in November it had received a $14 million investment to bring its biometrics firearms to market.

A 2018 report by the Small Arms Survey stated that U.S. citizens own roughly 393 million guns, nearly half of the world’s civilian-held firearms.

Guns are the leading cause of death for children in America.

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