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Selfie biometrics secure onboarding for law advisory, hospitality, gambling

Shufti Pro, Au10tix and Incode announce customer wins
Selfie biometrics secure onboarding for law advisory, hospitality, gambling

A number of prominent identity verification and selfie biometrics firms have made inroads with new customers around the world from industries other than financial services.

UK-based Shufti Pro has signed on to provide KYC, KYB and AML services for the Middle Eastern legal and business advisory firm, Thinc. A company release says Shufti Pro is being tasked with fortifying Thinc against compliance risks, deter fraud, and provide secure customer onboarding. Shufti Pro’s AI-assisted system for biometric capture and verification runs analysis against AML and government databases, to screen businesses for falsification and ensure they are not on any criminal watchlists or sanction lists.

The CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung, says the contract will ensure that Thinc is working with trustworthy clients who are in legal compliance.

“Shufti Pro will continue to expand in the Middle East,” he said, “strengthening businesses to fight against ID frauds.”

Also in the Middle East, the Tev Aviv-based property management and short-term rental firm, Guesty, announced it will deploy automated ID verification provided by Au10tix. In a release, the self-identified “identity intelligence company on a mission to obliterate fraud” said their platform would help Guesty meet global regulatory requirements. The Au10tix suite includes a secure web app, identity verification and biometric capabilities, secure form management, and other tools to fully automate the identity verification process.

Ben Sand, VP of global operations for Guesty, commends Au10tix for providing fast, safe, robust and user-friendly products and services.

“As a global company with locations on six continents, we are also impressed by Au10tix’s ability to provide IDV and fraud detection services for nearly 200 countries,” says Sand.

Au10tix recently inked a deal to provide account verification via selfie biometrics to the platform formerly known as Twitter, now called X.

Incode Technologies hits, hits again

San Francisco-based Incode Technologies is raising the stakes in the gambling sector, announcing two contracts to provide document and biometric verification tools for firms dealing in games of chance.

Incode has agreed to provide its AI-driven onboarding and liveness detection software to MaxBet, a gambling operator in Eastern Europe. For use in both physical and online gambling scenarios, Incode’s system promises passive liveness detection, which can verify users without asking them to perform additional actions or movements. It also has the capability to verify more than 4,600 types of documents.

“Working with one of Eastern Europe’s leading identity operators is a proud moment,” says Ricardo Amper, the CEO and founder of Incode. “Incode’s biometric, integrated identity platform allows MaxBet to manage user identity journeys from onboarding and verification to orchestration and analytics all within a single platform.”

Upping the ante, Incode also announced a deal with Aristotle Integrity, which provides a suite of identity, age verification and KYC software to governments and businesses. In a deal aimed at serving Aristotle’s clients in iGaming and the sportsbook sector, Incode will integrate its passive liveness detection, end-to-end identity orchestration and edge-based data processing into Aristotle’s Integrity AutoDoc.

Amper says Incode’s contributions will “enable seamless attestation that protects against fraud and underage gambling and gaming without needlessly giving away PPI.”

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