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Promise Technology demos AI storage systems for biometric applications

Promise Technology demos AI storage systems for biometric applications

Promise Technology, a company specializing in advanced data storage systems, is demonstrating its AI-driven storage platform designed for biometric applications like facial recognition, voice recognition, and video analytics this week at Intersec Dubai 2024. The company says that the solution aims to enhance the performance of the storage system through lower data retrieval speeds, improved data compression models, and better data integrity checks.

Enterprises struggle to manage the vast amounts of data generated with the growth in AI-based edge systems and hybrid implementation models of biometric applications, according to Promise. This data often contains sensitive information, serving as input for immediate processing both at the edge and in cloud environments, particularly in scenarios requiring rapid responses in security surveillance.

To tackle this challenge, Promise introduced a data storage system leveraging its proprietary technology, SmartBoost, to provide a reliable solution for surveillance applications. By using the AI models, these data storage systems can effectively support advanced video analytics essential in biometric use cases, including monitoring and incident response.

“We distinguish ourselves by blending comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions for optimal performance with proactive, worldwide customer service that is tailored to security needs, making us a one-stop shop for the industry,” says Alice Chang, chief marketing officer of Promise Technology.

Promise Technology at Intersec Dubai 2024

Promise Technology is showcasing four scenarios that demonstrate the capabilities of its surveillance solutions, with each scenario targeting a specific aspect of surveillance technology.

A demonstration of AI-driven video analytics showcases a system that combines AI with graphics processing capabilities. Its primary focus is on handling large-scale AI video analytics, underlining the system’s ability to process and analyze vast amounts of video data in real time, and making it appropriate for applications like facial recognition and behavior analysis.

In a “sustainable security system” setup, the company uses 80 Plus Platinum and Titanium Power Supply Units, known for their high energy efficiency. By reducing electricity consumption, these systems contribute to a significant decrease in their carbon footprint, Promise says.

A commercial scenario caters to enterprises requiring a robust surveillance system but lacking the resources to build one from the ground up. Promise integrates Vess A3340P and A6600P models with comprehensive video management software. This approach provides both the necessary hardware for storing and managing video data and the software essential for maximizing its utility, according to the announcement.

Promise says its large enterprise market platform provides a compact solution without compromising on storage capacity or performance. Utilizing Vess A8120, R3600, and Vess A8000 Series, it meets the demands of high-traffic environments, making it a practical solution for large enterprises.

AI-powered data storage system

With the increasing deployment of security cameras at the edge, there will be a significant strain on servers and storage systems. These systems must not only expand their storage capacity but also enhance their ability to process and manage the growing volume of data effectively. In order to accommodate surveillance video streams, the data storage system needs to handle the influx of large-scale data, ensuring high throughput.

Promise Technology has introduced SmartBoost technology to address this challenge, ensuring the capture and storage of every frame of video, a critical requirement for maintaining continuous and comprehensive visual records. This solution is designed for efficient integration with cameras and video management software, facilitating the centralization of playback and live video channels in a viewer client. This streamlines the management and monitoring processes. SmartBoost leverages the computational power of GPUs to enhance the accuracy of video analytics and reduce the time required for deep learning tasks.

Promise Technology has also created an alternative called PromiseRAID, which distinguishes itself from open-source RAID, by offering performance optimization and compatibility with proprietary solutions’ features. PromiseRAID is designed to secure data integrity, addressing concerns such as media errors, silent data corruption, and drive failures. Particularly beneficial for high-speed data transfer and processing, it boosts overall system capacity by combining multiple hard drives into a unified unit.

“Leveraging our leading expertise in RAID storage, we ensure that our clients have the most efficient, reliable, and advanced surveillance platforms in the market — and that they are empowered to fully leverage AI,” Chang says.

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