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Smart Engines developers train AI to detect all passport forgeries

Smart Engines developers train AI to detect all passport forgeries

Computer vision scientists from Smart Engines have successfully trained AI to detect forged passports from around the world, showing promise in reducing fraud cases and fighting terrorism, according to a company statement.

The AI can detect fraud through the photo page and all pages of documents. It has the capacity to check over 500 passport templates from countries on every inhabitable continent.

The team at Smart Engines used a one-shot approach to training the AI, meaning that it’s trained on a single image of a document in order to add a new template. The AI would then be able to find anomalies on other samples individually.

The system includes Smart Engines software and a multispectral scanner and can extract data from a document and check validity in optical, ultraviolet, and infrared within seconds.

The AI looks for security features of the document, such as protective fluorescent fibers and fluorescent ink. It also detects re-labeling and can verify chip data in passports that contain them.

Smart Engines software suite can be used for fraud prevention by financial institutions and by the tourism and transport industries to prevent terrorist attacks. It can also be used to streamline and secure processing at border checkpoints.

The company received a number of patents in 2023 and enabled the verification of holograms in documents in 2024.

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