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Biometrics Market Reports

Biometrics Research Group Inc. estimates the global biometrics market will grow to US$86.1B by 2028 from its projected 2023 value of US$47.8B.

Read ongoing coverage of biometrics industry market analysis, research and forecasts. In addition to market research on the general biometrics and digital ID industries, coverage ranges from individual modalities and market segments to related hardware segments like cameras and applications such as mobile payments.


IDSA finds ‘almost a fifth’ of businesses see managing digital identity as a top security priority

The Identity Security Alliance (IDSA), a non-profit group of identity and security vendors, solution providers, and practitioners, has found that…


Gen Z thinks banks are sus, but biometrics could help, says a new report

Young people want their banks to be more secure, and many do not trust their financial institutions to provide the…


Report puts some form to how US states are authenticating public benefits

Researchers in the United States have created an image showing how authentication and identity proofing is used in the U.S….


Digital nomads leading to glut of foreign document admin — researchers

The rise of digital nomads, people working remotely in foreign countries as the pandemic wanes may be causing problems for…


Rise in reusable ID and ‘astounding’ growth for digital ID pros foreseen

Reusable identity is going to be an important trend for digital identification in the next 18 months, according to a…


Consumers ready for passwordless technology and prefer biometrics; FIDO Alliance report

FIDO Alliance has published a report examining how the behavior, patterns and adoption of authentication technologies reflect the consumers’ readiness…


Trust issues hamper adoption of biometrics, says Incode report

Trust is a key issue with biometric technology, but it is not in the tech itself that the responsibility lies…


Liminal spotlights integrated digital identity platform trend, sees $116B TAM

Integrated identity platforms could grow into a $115.9 billion market by 2027 if the full range of potential use cases…


Surprise! Deepfake fraud on the rise

According to a survey by forensic and ID verification software maker Regula, one-third of businesses have already experienced voice and…


OTP still more common than biometrics for passwordless authentication: SecureAuth

Biometrics are catching up to PINs, but still lag behind one-time passwords as a method of passwordless authentication, according to…

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