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Researchers develop robotic leg by studying biometric gait recognition

Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed a robotic leg that perfectly mimics how a real person walks. The…


Feds expand use of iris recognition technology

The Homeland Security Department (DHS) is expanding its biometrics source from fingerprint to iris and facial recognition for identity verification….


Future biometric security systems will be based on neural networks

A biometrics based security system that is able to learn and capable of cognitive processes is now within reach. Researchers…


Medbox uses biometrics to verify medical marijuana users

Medbox Inc., a provider of a patented machine that dispenses medication to individuals based on biometric identification, is focusing on…


New study shows iris recognition is not infallible

New research has shown that iris recognition is not an infallible source for biometric data as earlier believed.  Just like…


IntegenX has new director, office in DC

IntegenX Inc., developer of the rapid human DNA identification technology system known as RapidHIT, recently opened a new office in Washington,…


Barcodes to authenticate quality of food, medicine

In 2003, researchers at the University of Guelph proposed “DNA barcoding” as a way to identify different animal, fish and…


Biometric smart cards can eliminate health insurance fraud

SmartMetric, Inc., has developed a health insurance smart card as a means to respond to Medicare and Medicaid fraud that…


Canada, U.S., to share traveller and refugee biometric data

In order to control flows of refugees, Canada and United States will begin to share traveller’s biometric information by 2014….


NIST request comment on biometric specifications

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is requesting comments on…

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