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Industry Insights: Guest Posts

Biometric Update Guest Posts features biometrics and digital ID industry experts discussing their unique perspectives on products, services and the future of biometrics.


Why biometrics are key to solving video conferencing’s security challenges

By Ram Pemmaraju, CTO of StrikeForce Technologies Throughout the past year the very nature of work has quickly evolved before…


The time is ripe for digital passports in healthcare

By Daniel Cidon, CTO, NextGate Following the pandemic’s year and a half of unprecedented challenges there is a silver lining….


Healthcare biometrics: Simplifying healthcare data security

By Swapna Supekar, team leader at Market Research Future The healthcare sector, which is undergoing reform to deliver faster, safer,…


Mobile driver licenses present new opportunities for biometrics and wider ecosystem

By Steve Purdy, Vice-President Identity and Verification at Thales. Digital transformation is about to change how we prove our identities….


Face, the future: How biometrics is already reshaping the way we do everything

By Peter Martis, Director of Global Sales at Innovatrics. Using your face to open a door is, of course, plausible…


Getting back to normal with vaccine passports

By Mohammed Murad, vice president, global development and sales for Iris ID. Travel-related businesses, and the public they serve, eagerly…


Synergizing NFC technology and biometrics for mobile ID verification

By Sarah Amundsson, Customer Success Manager at Shufti Pro. 2021 is bringing new technological innovations in the digital world, providing…


The growing use of behavioral biometric technology in authentication

By Leandro Margulis, VP of Developer Relations at UnifyID. With the pandemic forcing everyone that could to work from home,…


Standards for secure biometrics systems

Guest post by Antoinette Price, Co-editor of IEC e-tech magazine Biometrics includes physical or behavioural human characteristics such as fingerprints,…


Biometrics in healthcare: The future is now

By Dan Cermak, Vice President of Architecture & Product Planning at Ambiq In this pandemic-influenced era, the topic of personal…

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