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AuthenticID is a pioneer in the identity proofing and verification space. AuthenticID’s fully-automated solution protects identities and mitigates fraud without sacrificing user experience. Founded in 2001, AuthenticID has deep domain expertise in verifying government-issued identification documents with the market’s most powerful, next-generation, automated AI platform for fraud detection and identity verification. AuthenticID’s patented platform is used by the world’s leading financial services firms, wireless carriers, and identity verification platforms.

AuthenticID Biometrics News


AuthenticID and Anonybit founders demystify privacy-centric biometric authentication

An epidemic of data breaches has created a situation in which businesses and consumers are simultaneously worried about protecting themselves…

Apr 2, 2024

AuthenticID, Anonybit execs share insights on privacy-centric biometric authentication

Businesses continue to struggle to secure sensitive data, and to separate attacks using compromised data from biometric authentication attempts by…

Feb 7, 2024

Data breach, identity fraud trends reveal deepfake and generative AI threats

Identity trends in 2023 saw generative AI facilitate the creation of fake IDs. Notable breaches affected millions around the world,…

Sep 20, 2023

AuthenticID, ROC.ai execs urge layered biometrics and lean into AI to counter fraud

Eliminate manual reviews of identity verification attempts and select experts in biometric fraud prevention to stay ahead of the threat…

Sep 8, 2023

AuthenticID, ROC execs have advice for navigating the AI-driven cyber threat landscape

Artificial intelligence is not only bringing a new level of sophistication to the efforts of fraudsters, but enabling them to…

Aug 2, 2023

IDNow, Veridas, Vouched, AuthenticID, SQR Group announce certifications

As cybercrime and ID fraud rates continue to become more prevalent, IDnow and other digital ID companies including Vouched, AuthenticID,…

Apr 6, 2023

Document photos most common attack type; ID liveness detection choices expand

Photos of ID documents taken on another device than that used in identity verification were used in 37 percent of…

Mar 23, 2023

Regula upgrades biometric and document scanning to provide complete protection

Regula has updated its biometric and document verification products to provide a complete solution for advanced identity fraud prevention. The…

Feb 8, 2023

AuthenticID, Bitwarden, Socure get closer in FIDO

The FIDO Alliance has gotten a bit broader and a little deeper. ID proofing provider AuthenticID has joined the passwordless-authentication…

Nov 22, 2022

Ping boasts biometric integration with AuthenticID, SentinelOne

Ping Identity has announced two integrations, one with AuthenticID and another with SentinelOne. The first collaboration will enable users of…

Feb 18, 2022

AuthenticID partners with 1Kosmos to enhance digital ID applications worldwide

AuthenticID has announced a new, cross-product strategic biometrics partnership with 1Kosmos. As part of the collaboration, the companies will jointly…

Feb 2, 2022

AuthenticID nearly triples revenue growth for selfie biometrics, identity proofing

AuthenticID has reported a 186 percent year-over-year (YOY) increase in annual revenue, making 2021 the company’s most successful year for…

Jul 22, 2021

AuthenticID raises $100M as biometric authentication drives rapid market growth

AuthenticID has raised $100 million in a minority investment by Long Ridge Equity Partners to support the expansion of its biometric…

Jul 5, 2021

Biometrics for compliant remote onboarding in high demand; Spanish regulator displeased

Alan Goode and an ID R&D executive recently discussed how companies can keep friction in their remote customer interactions low…

May 5, 2018

Danal announces new partnerships, adds strategic investor

Mobile identity company Danal has announced a pair of new partnerships, bringing its mobile phone identity and authentication platform to…

Oct 27, 2017

AuthenticID licenses portfolio of payment authentication patents

AuthenticID has licensed a key portfolio of multimodal, payment authentication patent license from Collective Dynamics for the exclusive use with…

Apr 21, 2015

AuthenticID, MyECheck to provide automated forensic document authentication

AuthenticID announced it has partnered with electronic check solutions firm MyECheck, Inc. to provide Automated Forensic Document Authentication (AFDA). MyECheck…

Feb 25, 2015

Sionic Mobile to integrate facial recognition by AuthenticID into consumer apps

Sionic Mobile announced it has partnered with AuthenticID to integrate its facial identity recognition system catfishAir into both upcoming versions…

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