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We believe that great user experiences should never come with a security risk. BehavioSec has created the new model for strong, multilayered customer security. Now you can stop fraud, prevent attacks, and verify your customers all without slowing them down. We call it Behavioral Biometrics and it uses continuous machine learning to authenticate users based, not on what they do, but on how they do it.

Behaviosec Biometrics News


New capabilities strengthen BehavioSec Behavioral Biometric Platform ahead of PSD2 deadline

BehavioSec has added new capabilities to the BehavioSec Behavioral Biometric Platform ahead of the deadline for PSD2 compliance, including new…

Apr 2, 2019

BehavioSec behavioral biometrics identified as top option for enterprise mobile authentication

Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. (EMA) has published a new Top 3 Report and Decision Guide including BehavioSec as a top…

Jan 24, 2019

BehavioSec appoint Chief Revenue Officer to bring behavioral biometrics to mainstream

BehavioSec has announced the addition of Dave Lapin to the company as Chief Revenue Officer to drive long-term relationships with…

Nov 7, 2018

BehavioSec adds new security features to behavioral biometric continuous authentication platform

BehavioSec has added features for detecting attack obfuscation techniques, Docker support, and a real-time feed of more than 1.5 billion…

Oct 30, 2018

BehavioSec co-founder to discuss behavioral biometrics at FS-ISAC Fall Summit

At next month’s FS-ISAC Fall Summit in Chicago, BehavioSec co-founder and vp, Olov Renberg, will deliver a presentation entitled “The…

Oct 23, 2018

Behavioral biometrics firm BehavioSec included on Fintech 250 list

Behavioral biometrics pioneer BehavioSec has been included on the 2018 Fintech 250. Published by CB Insights, Fintech 250 is a…

Aug 29, 2018

BehavioSec says behavioral biometrics last line of defence against SIM swap attacks

Behavioral biometrics are “the last line of defense” against SIM swap attacks, in which all text messages, voice calls, and…

Jul 18, 2018

BehavioSec touts European Banking Authority approval of behavioral biometrics for PSD2

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has confirmed that behavioral biometrics in a proven technology for enhanced authentication and is appropriate…

May 15, 2018

Kount’s integration with BehavioSec highlighted at its annual user conference

Kount announced the integration of the latest version of the BehavioSec behavioral biometrics solution BehavioSense into its fraud management products….

Jan 29, 2018

BehavioSec raises $17.5M, plans to expand global operations

BehavioSec has raised a $17.5 million Series B investment led by Trident Capital Cybersecurity. Cisco Investments and ABN AMRO also…

Nov 28, 2017

Crossmatch adds BehavioSec behavioural biometrics to DigitalPersona enterprise security application

Crossmatch has partnered with BehavioSec to integrate behavioural biometrics into its DigitalPersona 2.3 composite authentication solution, the companies announced Monday….

May 24, 2017

BehavioSec behavioral biometrics solution integrated into Kount fraud platform

BehavioSec has partnered with Kount to integrate its behavioral biometric technology into Kount’s fraud management platform. Kount’s fraud prevention services…

Apr 25, 2017

Appdome for BehavioSec enables mobile biometric authentication

Appdome has partnered with BehavioSec to deliver Appdome for BehavioSec, which enables mobile developers and mobility professionals to rapidly integrate…

Jul 21, 2016

NetGuardians, BehavioSec to provide behavioral biometric technologies

NetGuardians and BehavioSec are partnering to leverage their complementary technologies to provide comprehensive fraud protection to both financial institutions and…

May 29, 2016

Biometrics industry insight, ID4Africa and behavioral analytics trending this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on BiometricUpdate.com this past week. Industry insight…

May 26, 2016

Unisys and BehavioSec behavioral biometric prototype for Nationwide wins award

Unisys Corporation announced that its client Nationwide Building Society has been recognized with the Retail Banking Security Innovation of the…

Apr 11, 2016

Nationwide mobile banking app uses behavioral biometrics

Nationwide is working in partnership with BehavioSec and Unisys on a mobile banking app that uses behavioral biometrics for continuous…

Jan 21, 2016

TeleSign to add BehavioSec behavioral biometrics capabilities to mobile ID products

Mobile identity solutions firm TeleSign has partnered with BehavioSec to offer its behavioral biometrics solutions for multi-layered authentication and verification….

Nov 5, 2015

SecureAuth partners with BehavioSec to offer behavioral biometrics capability

SecureAuth Corporation announced it will add BehavioSec-developed behavioral biometrics capability that performs keystroke analysis, mouse movement analysis, and touch based…

Nov 4, 2015

BehavioSec aims to bring behavioral biometrics solution to US companies

Stockholm-based BehavioSec, which offers user authentication technology that identifies people by measuring users’ typing and swiping behavior on their laptops…

Behaviosec Industry Insights


How behavioral biometrics and continuous authentication offers organizations the next level of secure digital identity

By Dr. Shane Shook, BehavioSec board member. If we’ve learned anything about threats, cybersecurity, and identity authentication over time, it’s…

How behavioral biometrics can ensure compliance with PSD2 – and any regulation that impacts customer data protection

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