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Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation. It is considered one of the Big Five American information technology companies.

Microsoft Biometrics News


Synthetic voice biometrics are a shifty chorus of fraud, requiring an agile response

In the Tower of Babel that digitized global society has become, synthetic voice attacks are adding confusion to the issue…

Nov 22, 2023

Microsoft misses own protocol, laptop fingerprint biometrics defeated in test

Microsoft’s Hello biometric authentication software has proven surprisingly fallible in a security test, requested by the software company, of three…

Nov 10, 2023

Microsoft introduces new authentication recommendation engine for Entra

Microsoft is not entirely happy with how companies are using its identity and access management product line for enterprise clients…

Oct 13, 2023

Watchdog cries foul over Scotland Police biometrics-sharing pilot storing data in US

A Police Scotland biometric evidence-sharing pilot project has been accused of being not just needlessly risky but of being criminal…

Sep 29, 2023

More free Clear ID subscriptions for LinkedIn members in North America

An unexpected Venn diagram has free ID verification services at its center. The lobes around it include Microsoft, Mexico and…

Sep 25, 2023

Use of passkeys expands as passwordless authentication push advances

The drive for a passwordless near-future continues as passkeys are increasingly being adopted as authenticators for different sign-in purposes. Reports…

Sep 8, 2023

Some big names sweated a hot summer with biometric privacy court cases

It’s a brand-name roundup of biometric information privacy lawsuits today, with Clearview AI, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon battling in court…

Aug 17, 2023

Au10tix selfie biometrics for identity verification coming to X

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is rumored to have introduced a new selfie biometrics and ID…

Aug 11, 2023

AuthID, Enacomm, 1Password, Microsoft and Videosign announce executive appointments

Businesses providing identity verification and biometrics have added c-suite leaders and high-ranking executives to help build up their customer bases….

Jul 26, 2023

Face biometrics, liveness capabilities launched by DocuSign, PresentID, Microsoft

The business uses for biometric identity verification continue to diversify, with executives pushing at the edges of what ID tools…

Jul 25, 2023

1Password, Microsoft move to biometric authentication

1Password and Microsoft are among vendors moving to passwordless login, switching to phishing-resistant biometric passkeys. In a blog post, 1Password…

Jun 28, 2023

Passkeys advance with FIDO Alliance Guidelines, $3.5M for 0pass

In an eventful week for the prospects of widespread passkey adoption, the FIDO Alliance has published new guidelines for enterprises,…

Jun 28, 2023

It has been a bumpy ride of late in biometrics privacy and products

It might be a slow start to summer for some business sectors in the U.S., but not for biometrics privacy….

Jun 7, 2023

Microsoft to pay $20M fine for collecting kids’ biometrics on Xbox

Microsoft has been fined $20 million over allegations by U.S. regulators that they collected biometrics and other personal data from…

May 26, 2023

Microsoft outlines approach to regulating risks of its biometric tech

Microsoft has highlighted some of the risks of unpoliced biometric adoption, discussing some of the strategies it uses to manage…

May 5, 2023

Having slayed Samsung in patent dispute, biometrics firm targets Google, Microsoft

A little-known company has filed two infringement lawsuits one each for Google and Microsoft claiming they stole intellectual property underlying…

Apr 13, 2023

Clear biometrics, Microsoft Entra verifiable credentials integrated with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has announced the launch of a new partnership with Clear to provide free identity verification for nearly 200 million…

Mar 27, 2023

Au10tix collaborates with Microsoft on reusable decentralized digital ID for enterprises

Au10tix is working with Microsoft on decentralized digital identity based on verifiable credentials to make ongoing ID verification, onboarding, workflow…

Mar 2, 2023

Veriff settles BIPA claim for $4M; defendants reaching for victory strategies

Defendants in U.S. biometric privacy lawsuits will not like the analogy because of its implied inevitability, but the legal production…

Jan 11, 2023

Potentially a big week for Microsoft’s AI aspirations

Vall-e has chopped its learning time to 3 seconds, and Microsoft might be near big stake in Open AI. Microsoft…

Microsoft Industry Insights


Entra Verified ID introduces DIDs and VCs to the Microsoft ecosystem

Microsoft’s new product, Entra Verified ID, introduces Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to the Microsoft ecosystem. DIDs are…

Microsoft aims to kill the password
Intel drops facial recognition from TV set-top box, and why cable needs to ‘get the net’

Brand Focus: Microsoft


Identification-as-a-service provides benefits, says MorphoTrak executive

Cloud computing provides many benefits including ease of use, time savings, security, convenience, versatility, and scalability. For these reasons, cloud…

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