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PalmID works on any device with a standard camera (resolution 0.3 megapixel or above). It converts the palm image to a unique signature that is, for all practical purposes, impossible to fake. Unlike modern face-recognition solutions, it doesn’t get stumped by different lighting conditions, and requires less light to function than produced by the average device screen! Even dirty hands and scars won’t prevent correct identification – as long as a portion of the palm lines are visible, the user can be accurately authenticated. PalmID meets the authentication needs for a wide range of markets, and is a high-performance solution for nearly any application with a standard camera.

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Redrock Biometrics develops palm recognition technology for large group identification

Palm biometric provider Redrock Biometrics has launched its PalmID-X identification solution at the Finovate Spring 2019 event to expand the…

May 9, 2018Epson and Redrock Biometrics partner for palm print authentication on AR headset
Oct 23, 2017Redrock Biometrics introduces palm-based authentication solution

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