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PalmID works on any device with a standard camera (resolution 0.3 megapixel or above). It converts the palm image to a unique signature that is, for all practical purposes, impossible to fake. Unlike modern face-recognition solutions, it doesn’t get stumped by different lighting conditions, and requires less light to function than produced by the average device screen! Even dirty hands and scars won’t prevent correct identification – as long as a portion of the palm lines are visible, the user can be accurately authenticated. PalmID meets the authentication needs for a wide range of markets, and is a high-performance solution for nearly any application with a standard camera.

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Chinese investor accuses HumanCode AI and Redrock Biometrics of IP abuse

Forgame Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and a shareholder of Redrock Biometrics, is initiating…

Apr 21, 2023

PopID adds palm for multimodal payments with Redrock partnership

PopID has introduced a new modality to its biometric retail payment system to give customers a choice between payments with…

Jan 3, 2022

Startup investments roll on with Redrock Biometrics Series A, crowdfunding for Zenus

Firms deploying biometrics continue to raise funds large and small for their ongoing expansion at home and abroad. U.S.-based Redrock…

Jan 8, 2021

Construction site biometrics advance with Biosite contract and new Redrock product

UK company Biosite Systems Ltd, a workforce management systems developer, has been awarded a contract to develop and deliver a…

Jan 7, 2021

NRI and Redrock Biometrics integrate PalmID into Sony Life Insurance sales app

Sony Life Insurance employees will now be able to use biometric palm print authentication to log into their mobile sales…

Jul 14, 2020

The future of biometrics is in the palm of your hand

This is a guest post by Lenny Kontsevich, co-founder and chairman of Redrock Biometrics. Artificial intelligence researchers and technology scholars…

Jun 30, 2020

Redrock Biometrics’ PalmID Agent released to Apple app store

Redrock Biometrics has released its PalmID Agent software to the Apple app Store, completing its integration with the Microsoft Active Directory…

Jun 9, 2020

Biometrics and fraud prevention firms announce awards, events, accelerator and consortium participation

In a series of announcements from around the biometrics and digital ID space, ID R&D and Redrock Biometrics have been…

Jun 4, 2020

Is palm vein recognition the future of biometrics in the new normal?

The vein recognition biometrics market is forecast to generate $1B annually by 2029, while the global biometrics market will surpass…

May 28, 2020

Q5id chooses Redrock Biometrics’ palm print and vein biometrics for enrollment, authentication

Identity management startup Q5id has integrated palm print and vein biometrics developed by Redrock Biometrics to upgrade its biometric enrollment…

May 13, 2020

Redrock Biometrics palm print and vein recognition to support transit access and payments

Palm print and vein biometrics from Redrock Biometrics have been selected by barcode technology provider FalconPro Technology to co-develop a…

Apr 22, 2020

Redrock Biometrics integrates PalmID print and vein recognition with HYPR platform

Redrock Biometrics has entered a partnership with HYPR to deliver palm authentication with their PalmID solution for passwordless authentication, the…

Mar 31, 2020

Free palm and face biometrics, digital signing offered to support pandemic relief and work from home

The biometrics industry continues to step up to help communities in need during the coronavirus outbreak, offering free services to…

Jul 30, 2019

Redrock Biometrics certified by iBeta for Level 1 presentation attack detection

Redrock Biometrics palmprint identification technology PalmID Login has completed Level 1 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) conformance testing by iBeta Quality…

Jun 5, 2019

Redrock Biometrics develops palm recognition technology for large group identification

Palm biometric provider Redrock Biometrics has launched its PalmID-X identification solution at the Finovate Spring 2019 event to expand the…

May 9, 2018

Epson and Redrock Biometrics partner for palm print authentication on AR headset

Epson has partnered with Redrock Biometrics to bring palm print authentication to the MOVERIO smart glasses platform, which the companies…

Oct 23, 2017

Redrock Biometrics introduces palm-based authentication solution

PalmID, a market-ready, palm-based authentication solution by Redrock Biometrics is now available commercially. PalmID features enrollment portability, so when users…

Redrock Biometrics Industry Insights


The future of biometrics is in the palm of your hand

This is a guest post by Lenny Kontsevich, co-founder and chairman of Redrock Biometrics. Artificial intelligence researchers and technology scholars…

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