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Biometric Update regularly releases posts about AI Act. The following set of links is available to help you find biometrics news concerning AI Act. More tags may be perused by accessing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


EAB seminar plays down EU parliament’s biometrics ethics concerns

The European Union’s ethical concerns connected with deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics applications across its territory may be excessive….


Defining remote biometric identification technically and legally

For a more accurate discussion on what remote biometric identification is and current and potential laws around it, the association…


NGOs critical of biometrics technology excluded from process to draft EU AI treaty

Some civil society organizations which have vocally opposed the use of biometrics technologies such as facial recognition say they have…


Germany positioned to dig heels in over EU’s AI Act, biometrics use

Germany is positioning itself more closely with the European Parliament rapporteurs’ aims for stricter protections in areas such as biometric…


Proposed AI Act amendments would add biometric data to ‘high-risk’ criteria

A tenth set of amendments to the EU AI Act have been proposed by the co-rapporteurs of the European Parliament,…


EU countries agree to common position on biometrics in AI Act

The European Union has come to an agreement on the much-discussed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, which would allow law enforcement…


Newest leak of EU’s AI Act doesn’t satisfy naysayers on biometric surveillance

Another new draft of the latest European Union’s proposed AI Act has leaked and if the 149-page tome has provisions…


New compromise on AI Act redefines biometric recognition conditions

The Czech Presidency of the European Union Council suggested a new compromise on the Artificial Intelligence Act Wednesday, which reintroduces…


US and EU AI regulatory proposals under the microscope

Proposals for a framework in the U.S. and a set of laws in Europe to govern the development and use…


EU Parliament meeting shows facial recognition still at the center of AI Act

An EU Parliament gathering – the first official debate by lawmakers about the proposed AI Act – saw European Parliament…

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