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Benin issues digital IDs to citizens living abroad

Benin’s National Agency for the Identification of Persons (ANIP) has dispatched teams to fifteen countries around the world to assign…


Benin, Ghana adopt biometrics for driver’s licenses, vehicle registration

Two West African nations are making a national ID an essential part of driving. The Republic of Benin has rolled…


Uneven global progress on biometrics-backed voting. Politicking saps efforts

Nigerian officials using an automated biometric ID system have found that 23 percent of people registered to vote in the…


Digital ID registration – an influential opportunity for mobile network operators

African governments may want to exploit the business assets of mobile network operators and knowhow in registering users and handling…


Digital ID in Africa this week: local mobile banking and biometric verification technology soar ahead

The trend for this week is mobile – mobile banking, payments, SIM registration and even a mobile app to check…


Digital ID in Africa this week: biometric bank cards, birth registrations up, ePassport problems

The importance of biometric legal identity from birth is something of a theme this week as UNICEF pushes the concept…

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