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Biometric wrist monitor tests the future of ankle bracelets in jail and at the border

U.S. law enforcement agencies at the national and county levels are testing biometric watches as a replacement for ankle bracelets…


Think tank says biometric monitoring of asylum seekers is better for all than detention

An open-society think tank pushing for fair enforcement of immigration policies has published a defense of the United States’ biometric…


US immigration biometrics program with few allies outside the White House draws lawsuit

Over-promise or wishful thinking has made a biometric alternative to immigration detention a punching bag. And the only ones being…


Biden wants more immigration face biometrics, others in party want much less

Too little transparency and accountability for a U.S. face biometric check-in program for immigrants has some Democrats upset with the…


ICE deploys mobile face biometrics to remotely monitor registered migrants

A pair of recently deployed facial recognition systems are helping the U.S. government monitor migrants and other foreign nationals crossing…

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