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Biometric Update regularly releases articles related to the term "Digidentity." The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning "Digidentity" and other relevant terms. Additional tags may be explored by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


UK’s One Login still has competition in government

An attractive element of the UK government’s latest single authentication program, One Login, is in its name: One Login. Generally,…


Identity verification providers team up for compliant sector-specific onboarding

Selfie biometrics providers Yoti, Digidentity, Au10tix and Sumsub are teaming up with businesses providing background checks, gaming and gambling, and…


EU digital wallet: the race is on for pilot funding, tech supremacy, hearts and minds

eIDAS 2.0 is fast approaching. By September 2023, European Union citizens will have the right to download and populate a digital…


Digidentity takes care of and guards your digital identity so that you can log in safely and easily to governments…


Biometrics for compliant remote onboarding in high demand; Spanish regulator displeased

Alan Goode and an ID R&D executive recently discussed how companies can keep friction in their remote customer interactions low…


BioID liveness detection added to Digidentity biometrics, identity proofing for Gov.uk Verify

BioID has partnered with Solera Holdings’ subsidiary Digidentity to provide biometric anti-spoofing liveness detection and automated identity proofing for the…

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