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Biometric Update regularly writes posts about dna. The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news about dna. Additional tags may be explored by reviewing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


IntegenX has new director, office in DC

IntegenX Inc., developer of the rapid human DNA identification technology system known as RapidHIT, recently opened a new office in Washington,…


Barcodes to authenticate quality of food, medicine

In 2003, researchers at the University of Guelph proposed “DNA barcoding” as a way to identify different animal, fish and…


Canadian-based DNA laboratory producing genetic art

If you have watched CSI or CSI: New York, you have likely seen an image of a DNA strand during…


DNA probing hopes to change unhealthy eating habits

Nutrigenomics is an emerging field of science that studies the DNA of a person and formulates a diet around it….


Law enforcers in UK to use Rapid DNA

The recently introduced RapidHIT Human Identification (HID) system promises to transform the way investigations are conducted in the UK.  It…


M2SYS holds biometric chat on voice biometrics

M2SYS, a recognized industry leader in biometric identity management technology, held its monthly #biometricchat conversation on Twitter last week. The…


Privacy Compromised by Sharing of Biometric Databases

U.S. citizen’s privacy can be compromised by sharing of biometric databases among law enforcements and security agencies. That was a…


Homeland Security to collect children’s DNA

A new policy is set to take effect which will allow the Department of Homeland Security to collect DNA from…


Rapid DNA quickly becoming reality

DNA analysis is universally acknowledged as a significant tool for fighting crime and is the only biometric that contains specific…


Biometrics to Replace Passwords in 2015

What are biometrics? Biometrics are both the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data such as DNA, fingerprints,…

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