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ethnicity recognition

Biometric Update regularly releases news regarding the term "ethnicity recognition." The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news about "ethnicity recognition" and other relevant terms. Additional tags may be explored by reviewing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


Investigation reveals Dahua biometric systems sent ethnicity warnings to Chinese police

Revelations about ethnicity-tracking biometric systems being developed by many of the biggest names among China-based artificial intelligence and facial recognition…


Huawei, Megvii, SenseTime patents describing biometric ethnicity detection, tracking revealed

Huawei and other China-based firms have attempted to protect technologies related to their ethnicity-tracking biometrics with patents, IPVM has discovered. The tech…


More ‘Uighur alarms’ found in China — this time an Alibaba face biometrics feature

It sounds like the set up for a grade school racist joke. China’s dominant e-commerce firm Alibaba reportedly offers a…


Huawei allegedly partnered on more biometric ethnicity-tracking systems

Reports have surfaced about Huawei’s partnerships with companies that further implicate the company in collaboration on discriminatory surveillance product development…


Huawei accused of using ethnicity-based biometrics to develop alert for Chinese authorities

In a development that might finally get U.S. biometrics firms to walk the corporate-responsibility talk when it comes to how…


Hikvision claims to have phased out minority recognition in biometric surveillance software

Chinese company Hikvision has confirmed offering minority recognition software based on face biometrics at a given point, but says the…

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