Digital ID in Africa this week: Nigeria’s expanding biometric web, pros and cons of national ID

Developments this week highlight the divide between African nations in terms of the level of maturity of their digital ID…


Digital ID in Africa this week: Nigeria extends biometric registration, Kenyan groups call for scrutiny

With the biggest digital ID job to do in Africa in terms of population size, Nigeria dominates the identity agenda…


Digital ID in Africa this week: biometrics for tea workers, financial inclusion with a thumbprint

A new scheme launching in Sierra Leone could rapidly increase the proportion of the population with bank accounts as set…


Nymi pitches biometrics as answer to healthcare industry cybersecurity threats

A pair of studies suggest that the healthcare industry is in the process of embracing biometrics to combat cybersecurity threats….


Biometric payments and background checks among new facial recognition applications announced

A wide range of new products and services are being rolled out with various forms of biometric facial recognition in…


UNICEF urges methodical and wholistic approach in Africa’s race for digital identity

United Nations agencies have taken an increasing role in ID4Africa and other digital identity-related initiatives over the past few years….


U.S. Senate urged to allow federal funding for national patient ID

Advocates are urging the U.S. Senate to follow the House of Representatives in removing a ban on federal funding for…


Biometric health record access proposed by Indian government committee

India should digitize its healthcare system with interoperable electronic health records (EHRs) and Aadhaar-based biometric patient identification, according to a…


Intent Solutions biometric medication control device used in Kentucky hepatitis C program

The fingerprint biometric capabilities of the “tad” medication dispenser from Intent Solutions are providing medication adherence tracking as part of…


Healthcare organizations relying on legacy patient identity management technologies

More than half of healthcare organizations (58 percent) consider their patient portals to have above average or superior cybersecurity, despite…

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