FIDO Alliance demonstrates new authentication standards at Cloud Identity Summit

July 25, 2014 - 

The FIDO Alliance’s new authentication standards were addressed in a session during the recent Cloud Identity Summit, where FIDO Alliance members demonstrated how their FIDO Ready solutions could work together, according to a report by SecureIDNews.

At the Cloud Identity Summit, six companies performed demonstrations of their products and services based on “Universal Second Factor”, starting with Eyelock, which teamed up with StrongAuth to demonstrate myris – its USB powered authenticator, converting a user’s iris characteristics to a unique code, to gain access.

“Having become a member of FIDO less than five months ago, StrongAuth determined the FIDO universal second factor protocol to be compelling enough to implement and have a FIDO Ready solution as quickly as possible,” says Arshad Noor, CTO at StrongAuth. “The Cloud Identity Summit interop proved that FIDO works and that market-ready solutions are likely to be available for deployment as soon as the spec is approved.”

AGNITiO and Nok Nok demonstrated AGNITiO FIDO Ready Voice iD for mobile devices, using the Nok Nok Labs client to enroll and login to FIDO application on a mobile device, then initiating AGNITiO Voice iD with a brief pass phrase.

Users were then able to click on the online purchase of their choice, proceed to checkout and speak the pass phrase to approve the purchase.

The FIDO Alliance is a non-profit organization, including big league members Google, Microsoft and Samsung, and was formed in 2012 to redesign authentication by developing standards-based specifications that define online authentication mechanisms.

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